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Last week’s episode was all about breaking free from the spending hamster wheel and highlighted the importance of recognising the underlying emotional needs that drive our spending behaviours. Today, I’m delving deeper into this topic by exploring some common money beliefs that might be holding you back. These beliefs often linger in the background, quietly influencing our financial decisions, without us ever really noticing. Let’s dive right in!

First up, the belief that “money will always be there.” It’s like a safety net, right? But sometimes, it can lead us down a path of reckless spending. We’ll explore how to regain control over this belief and your finances.

Next, we’ve got the classic belief that “money is always hard.” Who hasn’t felt that way at some point? But I’ll show you how to change your response to unexpected expenses and build a more positive outlook.

And finally, we’ve got the belief that “I deserve to spend my money.” We all do, but when it turns into impulsive spending, it can be a problem. I’ll help you find alternative ways to treat yourself without emptying your wallet.

Episode highlights:

Learn how to understand the link between your beliefs and behaviours when it comes to money and spending.

Overcome financial challenges and reduce shame associated with your money choices.

How to work on your money beliefs is an ongoing process, not a one-time fix. It’s a tool to help navigate money throughout your lifetime.

“I want to help you start to understand the link between beliefs and behaviours. Because when we start to understand what is driving our behaviour, that’s when we can really start to neutralise those beliefs eventually and make them more positive and then experience the outcome, the behavioural outcome as a result.”
Emma [04:59]

“Most [financial] experiences have a practical element of what is literally happening and then an emotional meaning that’s put on to that or an emotional way.”
Emma [09:07]

“Sometimes what you deserve is to keep that money for another time when money can really be used as a resource to help you live your life, to help you experience life in a better way rather than in that immediate moment.”
Emma [30:10]

“It’s a really powerful pocket of personal finance because so often we focus solely on the behaviour and that can kind of keep us focused on trying to change something that is kind of like broken from within.”
Emma [30:46]

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