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It’s 2024, and I’ve set 24 goals for myself, my finances, and my business. From spontaneous trips to doubling my podcast listenership, these goals reflect a mix of building on past achievements and future growth. Balancing bold targets, such as running a live event, with practical steps like monthly business strategy reviews, I’m determined to make 2024 a transformative year. Join me on this journey and share your 2024 goals too! Plus, if you fancy leaving a podcast review on Apple Podcasts or a star rating on Spotify, you’d be helping me kick off one of my goals!

Episode highlights:

  • Reflecting on the achievements of last year’s goals,
  • The impact of having a list of goals, emphasising accountability and self-reflection,
  • Building routines, with the intention to develop more structured habits in my daily life,
  • Striving for balance in personal and professional life, with specific goals related to financial and business aspects,
  • The value of interconnected goals, where working towards one, actually helps another goal too!

So I feel like I’ve gone from a year of experimentation… and now I want to like, refine that and sort of lay down some patterns using that data.
Emma [10:57]

I’m sort of getting into that mindset of working three months ahead of myself in terms of what I’m planning to do, so that I can think about plotting out those times I want to take off ahead of time rather than trying to take it off in the moment
Emma [27:43]

If I can give anybody any advice in terms of, like I guess, mental health and finding your passions and things like that and like finding yourself, it’s find things to be proud of that aren’t work.
Emma [46:32]

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