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We all love a good actionable list, and this week I’m taking you through ten wallet-friendly ways to level up your life without burning a hole in your budget. From sprucing up your morning routine to splurging on fancy hand soaps, I explore practical strategies for enhancing your lifestyle without breaking the bank. With the current cost of living, it’s never been more important to prioritise upgrades that improve your life long-term (that includes improving your happiness!).

Have a listen, and let me know on socials what small thing you fit into your budget that leaves you feeling like the baddie that you are!

Episode highlights:

  • Practical strategies for upgrading life affordably.
  • The importance of carving out time for personal choice and enjoyment.
  • How to enhance your daily routine, and indulgences without overspending.

“When is a spend lifestyle creep that is going to be damaging and when is a spend actually a perfectly reasonable expression of lifestyle elevation?”
Emma [05:19]

“When we’re actually looking at taking care of ourselves, looking after ourselves and prioritising ourselves, we have to consider the financial component.”
Emma [04:31]

“Sometimes having something in stock and available to you is actually a really good way to stop yourself from like having that scarcity…”
Emma [21:20]

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