Meal kits have been knocking about for a while now, and I’ve tried a fair few of them over the years. While generally delicious across the board, I too often found that the recipes were either too complicated for my lazy-girl-limits, too heavy for weeknight dinners, or too expensive once the initial discounts had worn off. Of course, I’m not talking Masterchef pressure test level complicated. Just a bit too faffy for the amount of energy I generally have on a Tuesday evening. I’m also not a calorie counter by any stretch (proudly chunky and funky), but I often found myself acceidentally spotting the nutritional information box and wondering how on earth they crammed almost 1,000 calories into my Tuesday night plate. And lastly, the price. Free boxes here and there, stunning. But the real RRP was always just something I wasn’t going to pay, which made it hard to settle into the rhythm of the convenience of ‘outsourcing’ my meal planning.

But then, I found EveryPlate. Of course I devoured the early discounts at first, but what struck me most was how affordable the full price box was (at full price, 3 meals for 2 people comes in over $20 cheaper than others I’d tried). And now I’m a true EveryPlate tragic and tell everyone I know about it. I’m also an affiliate for them, so links in this post may give me a little kickback if you try them too (or you can use code BROKEPLATE to save)

But trust me, you don’t come up with 16 solid reasons why EveryPlate is the best meal kit service unless you really, really like them. Nor do you lay out 97 recipe cards on your living room floor to rank your ultimate top 10 dishes.

1. Price stability every week

You might not think of a meal kit to be a cost effective decision during a cost of living crisis, but to my surprise, it’s been a HUGE help. I’ve long hated the plight of wanting to try a new recipe, giddily galloping off to the supermarket to get all the ingredients, only to find I’ve spent about 15 x more than I expected and definitely more than the takeaway I was trying to avoid ordering in the first place. With prices rising at supermarkets seemingly every time I go in there, having certainty that I’d be paying pretty much the same amount each week no matter what I ordered meant I could have WAY more variety in my meals (which in turned saved me a tonne on takeaways… but more on that later.)

2. The recipes sneak veggies into every meal

At this point, EveryPlate is nurturing my inner child pretty nicely. Every recipe cleverly adds veggies where I probably wouldn’t have bothered otherwise, meaning I’m eating more balanced meals than I would’ve been otherwise. Think: tomato pasta with 3 different types of veggies included.

3. It’s the best priced one out there

I touched on this in the intro, but even at full price, $58 – $70 a week for 3-4 meals for 2 people is great for our lifestyle. And the consistency in knowing what the cost will be makes budgeting infinitely easier. We find we get our 3 or 4 meals a week, and then do a small grocery shop for lunches, snacks and a couple of other basic meals, spending around $60-$70 a week, and we’re sorted. Plus, the shop is easier knowing we’ve got our main staple meals sorted. 


4. So much of it is done for you

EveryPlate is truly lazy girl friendly. It absolutely nails corner cutting. Seasonings are premixed. Cheese is pre-grated. Fish is pre-crumbed. The only exception is the crumbed chicken dishes, which we no longer bother with unless it’s a weekend meal!

5. Their seasonings add so much flavour

Honestly, the way their seasonings change the flavour of a meal is beyond me. They have their own little seasoning mixes and they truly transform simple dishes into something entirely different, especially the ones packed with veggies that would otherwise be boring.

6. The recipes make sense!

Those other meal kits I mentioned that go way above my lazy-girl-limit? EveryPlate is super easy. I found other meal kit cards would have “six steps” but about 18 things would be crammed into one of the steps. I’ve never seen the word “meanwhile” used so much. Pretty much every meal is easier and/or quicker than I expect it’ll be, which was a welcome change from others where, despite being tasty, I’d need to lie in a darkened room for 6-8 business days to recover from chopping 17 different things into 17 different sizes while the kettle boiled.

7. Great rotation of meals

I’ll admit I do think all meal kits have come a long way with their variety, so this probably isn’t unique to EveryPlate. But I really noticed how good the meal rotation and variety is. Granted, I eat everything, so I can’t vouch for vegetarians or pescatarians. Your faves come around again every so often, but you’re not stuck choosing the same stuff over and over.


8. Fully recyclable packaging

Yep, even the freezer bag! EveryPlate recently switched the foil freezer bag to an all-paper recyclable one, and that’s a big environmental tick from me. Yes, there’s still wastage in the packaging of some of the food, but the limited ingredients and simplicity of recipes do help keep that to a minimum.

9. I’m not iron deficient anymore!

Okay, maybe not purely an EveryPlate triumph, but the variety of meals it’s got me eating has coincided with me not being iron deficient for the first time in 8 years.

10. It’s saved us a fortune on takeaway

In each menu there are a few ‘premium’ options that charge an extra $1.99 – $4.99 approx per plate, and these have saved us so much money in takeaway costs. Having our meals delivered every week helps us plan better anyway, and often we’ll schedule in a takeaway equivalent from one of the premium meals instead of a takeaway. The All American Cheeseburger or the steak dishes often make up a fun weekend meal for us, and the surcharge is so much cheaper than ordering a disappointing takeaway.

11. Big enough servings, but reasonable in nutrient density

Like I said, I’m not a calorie counter, but I have noticed EveryPlate’s meals tend to be around the 600-800 calorie mark, whereas previous kits I’d tried would sit much more at the 800-1000 mark. Despite being lighter in density, I always find the meals big enough. The only exception is the taco meals, which we no longer order unless we’re planning to do potatoes on the side. Those meals can be a bit small for me!

12. Easy to bulk out if you want to stretch to leftovers.

Some recipes are larger and leave us some leftovers anyway, but we’re both decent eaters, so usually we scoff the whole serving. But, if we’re deliberately stretching an extra meal out of a recipe, they’re easy to add a couple of extra potatoes or another handful of pasta if needed.


13. You learn cool cooking hacks from the recipes

That corner cutting I mentioned really helps you learn new ways to cook simple dishes. I’d never tried risotto made with rissoni before, nor had I infused garlic into rice as it cooked. Both things I learned from EveryPlate recipes.

14. You can change your delivery day and time to suit

It took me ages to realise this but you can change your delivery day whenever you want. I thought you were bound to whatever day your postcode allowed, but I realised you can reschedule whenever you like! We sometimes get it on Friday ahead of a long weekend feed, or on a Monday for weekday meals. It’s also great for scheduling your box the day you get back from a trip, so it’s there waiting for you.

15. Super easy to eat meat-free or pescatarian

I cant personally speak to how good the meals are for veggies or vegans but as a “eat everything but am careful with meat” I find i can have a meaty option which keeps my iron up, a fish or vego option and maybe a chicken option. Some weeks we’ll do a veggie pasta, veggie curry and fish and potatoes . Even my fish-hating husband is a huge fan of the basa dishes. 

16. You learn your faves and look forward to them coming around again

You start to recognise your favourite meals after a while, and thankfully, they do come around again every so often, but not too often. It’s nice to look at the menu and look forward to having one of your top meals again!