I’ve been on the EveryPlate hype for about 6 months now, and my obsession is showing no sign of easing. Every week my husband and I get a box of either 3 or 4 meals for 2 people, and after almost 100 dishes, we’ve got our faves. 

And so in what I can only describe as an act of honouring my inner child, I laid out all 97 of my EveryPlate menu cards, and shortlisted my definitive top 10 so you can get around the absolute cream of the crop when you try it for yourself.

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For context, 3 meals for 2 people comes down to $30.93 including delivery for your first week. Your second box is just $45.93, and your third, fourth, fifth and six boxes will come in at $50.13.

Anyway, let’s get into the official (read: very unofficial) top 10 best EveryPlate meals (in no particular order). 

Enjoy that some of these are my happy snaps from my iPhone, and others are the official photos from EveryPlate! 

Note: the top 10 has been selected from the core menu, not the premium meals with a supplement. My top two supplement meals have been listed as bonus items because, in my opinion, they’re always worth the extra money for an occasional treat.

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1. Cheesy Veggie Pasta Bake with creamy sauce

This is my new favourite pasta bake – the flavour EveryPlate manages to get into veggie-packed meals astounds me, but their signature “all purpose seasoning” in this makes it unapologetically delicious. Plus, it’s lazy girl approved (as are almost all of the EveryPlate recipes) because it’s super quick and easy. The effort to flavour ratio is POPPING. 

2. Chicken & Oyster Sauce Stir Fry with buttery rice and zingy cucumbers

This one totally surprised me, as I’m a bit of a stir fry sceptic when it comes to home cooked ones. When I try and make one myself it’s always lacking in flavour and just a bit limp and lifeless. But this was a new household favourite the second we tried it. Only five main ingredients and the cucumbers were such a fresh addition that I’d not tried before. Plus the buttery garlicky rice sealed the deal.

3. Pork “Snags” and Creamy Garlic Sauce with potato rounds and salad

This was a hard one to narrow down as also shortlisted was the pork snags and cheat’s gravy, which also deserves a special mention. I’d never usually cook sausages for an everyday meal, but this meal with the creamy sauce was such a treat. When the sausage options come around, it always gets a place in our weekly box.

4. Persian Beef and Carrot Cous Cous with baby spinach and almonds

Okay, I have to be honest. This one isn’t my personal favourite, but my husband LOVES it. It’s healthy and balanced, and super quick and easy, so it often makes an appearance in our box. I will say, the flaked almonds really add something special, and the Persian spiced beef is always juicy and tender. 

BONUS: New York Style Loaded Hot Dogs with mustard caramelised onions and spiced fries ($3.99 pp supplement)

Every time this comes around we fang it into our box without a second thought. It’s always worth the supplement and basically saves us ever reaching for the takeaway apps because it’s infinitely better than ordering in. The supplement might be $8 – $10 in total, but it’s saving us upward of $50 on the takeaway we’d otherwise have ordered. The slaw is amazingly creamy and fresh, and the hot dog tastes gourmet.

5. Crumbed Basa and Persian Cous Cous with garlic yoghurt dressing

This one largely made the cut because it was firstly, unexpectedly delicious, and secondly, the basa was pre-crumbed. BIG WIN. None of the crumbed chicken recipes made the shortlist purely because, while absolutely delicious, I cannot stand crumbing the chicken myself. Not lazy girl approved, so unfortunately we’ve mostly stopped getting them. This one, though, 10/10. The basa was delicious (and such a nice way to add fish into our weekly rotation) and the cous cous, as always, rounded out a nice fresh and balanced dish.

6. Creamy Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice

This one was marked ‘crowd favourite’ on the EveryPlate website, and for good reason. This is such a nice Sunday night scoff, and it’s super easy to make. Plus in true EveryPlate style, they sneak in vegetables that I wouldn’t otherwise have bothered with. On a couple of occasions when we’ve wanted to bulk this out to have leftovers, we’ve added a couple of potatoes to the recipe. Would recommend.

7. Bacon and Pesto Baked Risotto with green beans and zucchini

Even my zucchini-hating husband loved this one, and it actually changed his opinion of zucchini in general. He’ll happily have it now (which helps as it features in a lot of EveryPlate meals), and we regularly come back to this recipe. We’ve even re-created it with ingredients from the supermarket. The baked risotto method also adds big lazy girl points because you don’t have to stand and stir it for all eternity. 

BONUS: All-American Cheeseburger with Loaded Fries ($4.99 pp supplement)

Another of the supplement meals that’s always, always worth it. This is an absolute steal for a Saturday night in treat, and again, saves us $50+++ on takeaway because we’ll always reach for this over ordering. The burgers are SO juicy, the ‘roast seasoning’ on the chips makes them taste out of this world, and the sour cream and chives on top is so tasty. There’s always the perfect amount of chutney and sauce that the burger is simply 10/10 scoffable.

8. Grilled Cheesy Tuna Pasta with tomato and spinach

It was so hard to choose between the three tuna pasta recipes I had shortlisted! But this one just snagged it over the other two. To be honest, all the tuna pasta recipes are amazing (the herby tuna spaghetti was a close second), but the cheesiness of this one meant it took the crown. I squeal when I see this on the weekly menu.

9. Creamy Bacon Fusilli with baby spinach

This one really surprised me, but I LOVED IT. I ended up with this in my box one week when I hadn’t chosen my meals in time and I got the default options. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Super quick and easy, and again, packed with flavour thanks to the ‘homestyle seasoning’.

10. BBQ Pulled Pork Loaded Fries with garlic aioli slaw

There are a few variations of the pulled pork loaded fries (and we usually get it every time we see it), but this one with the slaw really took the crown for the top 10 list. It’s such a treat, and it’s always really easy to throw together. The coriander on top seals the deal. 

Is EveryPlate worth it?

In case you hadn’t realised by now, I’m a raving fan. I genuinely do believe it’s worth it, especially during the wacky cost of living. Knowing what I’m paying for my meals each week, and being able to pick and choose what I want without having to number crunch how much extra it’ll cost me to try something new is worth its weight in cheesy pasta, in my humble opinion.

Give it a try yourself, and snap up some tasty savings on your first 6 boxes using code BROKEPLATE. Discount available to new customers and those who have been cancelled for more than 12 months.

Note: this content is not sponsored, but affiliate links are used throughout this article, which means if you sign up, I may get a kickback as a thank you for referring you.