I don’t know about you, but it feels like a lot of people in my life are moving at the moment. 2020 has thrown a lot of things into question, and I guess that’s translated to a number of relocation decisions, some financial, some lifestyle-based, some influenced by a new way of working.

I’m obsessed with finding purposeful ways to give gifts, that avoid wastage and mean your recipients get something they’re actually going to get use out of. I’d rather get given a loaf of bread and some picture hooks than a vase I hate that’ll never get used! So, if you’re tasked with buying a housewarming gift this year, here are six gift ideas with purpose, that your recipients will actually use.

1. Spices

Spices are an infinitely useable housewarming gift idea, and they’re pretty affordable too. The beauty of this type of gift is somewhere along the line, you’re going to be saving your recipients from a disaster in the kitchen. Choose a few staple spices, pair it with a stylish spice rack, and you’ve got yourself an epic housewarming gift with purpose.

2. A basket of annoyances

I know, I know, why would annoyances make a good housewarming gift. By annoyances, I mean all those pesky little things you never have when you need them. Batteries, sellotape, scissors, screw drivers, washers, picture hooks, light bulbs… you get the idea. All those bits and bobs you keep in a drawer somewhere. Save your recipients a household blunder and equip them with all the annoyances they’ll wish they had when the light bulb goes on a dark winter night.

3. Storage boxes

It sounds boring, but when you’re moving house, there are always a few things that get left without a home straight away. Storage boxes make a great housewarming gift idea, as they’re almost always usable for something, won’t go to waste, are super affordable and actually solve a problem for your recipients.

4. A Google Home

… or Alexa, or other home assistant (if they don’t have one of course.) These make great housewarming gifts because they’re small, compact, and actually do some pretty cool shit. They can also be easily be regifted if your recipients aren’t into asking Google to set a timer, or prefer checking the weather the old fashioned way.

5. Offer help

If your recipients are the already-got-everything type of movers, a great housewarming gift idea is to pop round with a bottle of wine and a personalised voucher for your services for something they need help with. Dab hand at painting? Invite your recipients to request your help with painting. Organisational hero? Dish up a few hours of help unpacking. Have they got kids? Maybe you could offer to take them to the park while the parents get things organised at the house.

6. Fancy cleaning products

I love cleaning products as a housewarming gift idea or any other gift idea for that matter. They really make cleaning more exciting, and again, are ultra-usable. You really can’t go wrong with functional items that will definitely get used anyway, and making them a little fancy gives it the extra special gift feel you’re looking for.