Note: this blog is not sponsored or affiliated with any company or app. I simply found the app and signed up myself.

I think we can all agree that productivity is tougher than ever right now. Even the most productive among us (I’d probably count myself in that category to be really honest and toot my own horn a little) are struggling to get even the smallest tasks done outside of our required working hours. 

But this week, everything changed. 

I found a new app called Commit To 3, and it’s completely transformed how I get things done.

The app works by prompting you to make 3 ‘commits’ per day (you can do them in advance or on the day itself), and ticking them off when you’ve done them. 

Now, that alone probably wouldn’t get me ticking things off, let’s be honest.

But the best function is you can create a team, and see each other’s commits and what’s been ticked off. You have to pay $4.49 for the team function, but that’s an annual fee. $4.49 for a year’s worth of productivity? Bargain.

I’ve set up a team with 2 friends, and each night I jump on the app and see everyone’s commits for the next day (and check out what they ticked off that day), and honestly, it’s been the most motivating thing I’ve used in ages. It’s given me the follow through I really lack. 

I love lists and organisational tools, but nothing has clicked as quickly and simply as this app. We’re all absolutely loving it.

What are we committing to?

The best part is you really can commit to anything. The daily aspect of making the commits also naturally forces you to come up with more creative things to put on your list. Things on my list of commits are usually a form of exercise, a freelance project I want to work on or complete, a blog I want to write, a reminder to do my gratefulness journal, content I want to schedule, a certain number of pages of my book I want to read, a period of phone-free time… it can really be anything. 

I’m probably finding it the most helpful in terms of non-work things, like going for a walk or finishing a book. Although, that bit of motivation to get that project proofread and submitted is really great. If you’re struggling with motivation, set up a team on Commit To 3 and see if you get the same fire up as we did. We all love a bit of a challenge, and being in control of what that challenge is for each of us individually, while still working at it as a team, is the perfect mix for me.


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