Do you ever find yourself stuck in that place of wondering why the heck you’ve got no money, even though you thought you’d been so careful? I can totally relate. These days we’re presented with so many opportunities to spend our money, it’s no wonder we lose track sometimes. Here are five sneaky habits that are probably costing you big bucks:

1. Going out without eating first

Obviously if you’re going out to eat, this is a given. But how often do you pop to the shops, or to your nail salon, or out for a coffee with a friend, with an empty stomach? We lie to ourselves, pretending we won’t get food while we’re there – but if we’d used our brains, we’d have worked out that we’d almost certainly get hungry while we’re out. Then we grab the inevitable croissant or the unassuming shop-bought sandwich, and wonder why we’re out $10 at the end of the week.

2. Going out for a walk with your bank cards

This is textbook me. I’ll pop out for a walk on a weekend, pretend to myself it’s just a walk, yet pick up my bank cards anyway. All this does is enable me to be able to pick up a doughnut on my way back, or pop into the op shop and accidentally buy 7 winter coats in the middle of spring.

3. Forgetting the weekends in your meal planning

Anyone else guilty of being all over the organised meal planning Monday-Thursday, and then treating Friday-Sunday like some kind of all-you-can-eat Uber Eats buffet? Sure, a weekend treat is awesome, but failing to plan any meals for the weekend can leave you stuck for ideas, and panic ordering in out of laziness.

4. Browsing clothes online

It seems innocent at first. You think you’re just having a peek at what’s new on Asos. You’re not planning to buy anything, what could go wrong?! Everything. If you don’t want to spend money, do not look at clothing/homewares websites, because you probably will want something. Even if you do resist buying at the time, you’ve still planted a seed that’ll probably compel you to punch in your card details at some point over the following days.

5. Curiously looking up fantasy travel

It’s a super fun mid-afternoon procrastination tool, but be careful with those innocent flight searches. While 90% of the time you’re only looking, there’s a chance you’ll come across an amazing deal that you just ‘can’t resist and that’s of course ending imminently. Suddenly, you’ve plonked down a big chunk of money that you did not plan on spending when you woke up this morning.


Stop These 5 Bad Money Habits

5 bad habits that are losing you money