We’re all caught in this whirlwind of ups and downs, good days and bad days. Days when you think everything’s actually going okay and days when so much shit hits the fan you’re not sure where to even begin sorting it out. Here are some tiny wins I’ve been focusing on to make yourself feel a smidge more positive right now. Just some little things to feel grateful for, or weird pseudo perks of this situation that we’ll probably never experience again. Some are money related, some not – either way, these should add a splash of positivity to your day!

  1. You don’t have to wear makeup – breathe, skin, breathe.
  2. You can get into a proper skincare routine.
  3. You don’t have to leave dirty dishes and dash off somewhere. You can wash those bad boys right now. Or later. Or whenever you want – nobody’s coming over!
  4. If you don’t workout in the morning, you have alllllll the other hours in the day to make up for it. We’ve never had more chances!
  5. It’s a nice time to reflect on how complacent we get in daily life, and appreciate the little things.
  6. You’ve got the chance to call friends and just talk, without the need for a fancy bar setting or loud music or a special occasion as an excuse.
  7. There is kindness everywhere.
  8. For the most part, we’ve finally stopped judging each other.
  9. It’s nice to get perspective on what really matters.
  10. Everyone is affected in some way. For the first time ever we’re all in the same boat.
  11. You’re surrounded by wayyyy less opportunities to spend.
  12. It’s a chance to reflect on how many accidental spends you make in everyday life without even thinking.
  13. If you have a partner, you’re spending more time with them than ever.
  14. If you’re off work or working from home, remember that this is the one single extended period of downtime most people will probably ever get during our long working lives. 
  15. We’re able to get a lot of refunds/exchanges/credit despite the fact it goes against refund policies.
  16. Takeaway (if still open in your country) is actively encouraged.
  17. It’s inspiring to see so many small businesses pivot to adapt to the changing times.
  18. Instead of focusing on the famous/wealthy/powerful people who haven’t offered support, consider firstly the ones that have, and secondly whether there might be powerful people offering support without the positive PR (for a change).
  19. We’ve gone from wanting more shoes, more clothes, more tech… to just wanting to be able to visit our families or go outside or go to a restaurant or attend a birthday. 
  20. If you are still working or are receiving payments from govt schemes, you have a chance to squirrel away a bit of extra money for the future.
  21. Even if you’re worried about losing your job, do what you can to save extra while you are still earning. You’ll feel way more in control.
  22. There is so much less to spend money on!
  23. If you commute but are WFH, you’re probably saving BIG on public transport. 
  24. You can wriggle out of a lot of subscriptions and memberships right now.
  25. There’s a good chance this pandemic will change the way we work forever. More remote opportunities and a better work life balance, here we come.

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25 reasons to feel more positive right now