In the words of a scene from one of my fave movies, “horse shit, more horse shit… the horse shit continues.” How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days. Great movie. But that’s basically what this whole pandemic feels like. 

Cancelled events, distancing measures and uncertainty around finances have all left businesses high and dry, with stock and services to sell, but no way to sell it.

But, some incredible businesses are making innovative pivots to survive – and thrive – in the crisis. I’ve rounded up some of the best business responses to the Coronavirus pandemic, which serves as an amazing reminder that when the going gets tough, your creativity gets going.

1. Eyebrow Consultations from Aja Vines

This brow queen in the US is unable to service her clients at her salon @hyperrealbrows, so instead, she’s offering 1:1 consults on how best to care for your brows while in isolation. KWEEN.

2. Fresh Pasta from Galah

Galah were meant to be catering the Grand Prix with delicious fresh pasta, but when it got cancelled, they were left all pasta’d up and nowhere to go. That was until they set up a simple Gmail address and started taking customer orders for fresh pasta by the kilo. It gained nationwide attention on social media and sold out within hours. Success!

3. Netflix Packs from Roho Bure

Netflix and quite literally chill with vegan-friendly Netflix packs from WA’s Roho Bure. Available for delivery, RB is offering 2 tubs of ice cream, 4 cookies, 4 cones and 2 sauces for all your at-home ice cream needs.

4. ‘Get Out The House’ Photo Sessions with Breeana Dunbar

Photographer Bree usually works with women-led businesses as one of Melbourne’s best commercial lifestyle photographers, but the B2B nature of her biz has meant a lot of work has been cancelled at the hands of uncertainty. Within days, Bree has pivoted to offer bespoke photo sessions in Royal Park at a 30% discount, allowing you and your fam/lover/superstar self to get out into nature and finally update those photo albums. You’ll be able to remain distant enough to stay safe, and support a local biz. Her slots got filled super fast, but DM her on Insta to chat more if you’re interested.

5. Virtual Mortgage Consultations with Al Jordan

Our mortgage broker Alistair Jordan of Woodrow Finance Group is ditching his branded Mini Cooper that transports him all over Melbourne. Instead, he’ll be holding virtual consultations to keep you on your home buying journey even during the pandemic. 

6. Zoos Victoria Live Streams

Zoos Victoria is live streaming the animals so you can get your nature fix from home! Name something more wholesome than the penguin cam, I dare you.

7. Mr Myagi Take-Home Packs

Japanese fave Mr Myagi has pivoted to offer cook-at-home packs so you can get your foodie on from home. Tune into their Instagram for cooking tutorials, so you can improve your chef skills at the same time! Add to the ambience by queuing up outside your own kitchen for that true Myagi feel.

8. Montalto Car Park Takeaway

Peninsula winery Montalto and its famous pizzeria have pivoted to offer a contact-free takeaway pick up from their car park! Simply hop online, order your goodies, and head to their car park for your pick up slot. Pop open your car boot and they’ll put your goodies in for you. Genius!

9. Wine Packs Mrs Singh

Melbourne CBD wine bar Mrs Singh knows that isolation just isn’t isolation without wine. They’re offering a selection of wine packs delivered to your door, starting at $45 for two bottles. Head to their Instagram and then email to place your order.

Seen an innovative business pivot? DM me on Insta so I can add it to the list.