Time is one of the main barriers to most of us actually doing all the things we plan to do. Ideas usually pop into our heads on a long weekend or while on a holiday – when time is, for once, on our side. But dream as we may, these utopian hopes tend to dwindle away the second we snap back to the realities of commuting and meal prepping and toilet cleaning and all that other stuff.

Even if you’re still going to work or working from home, the vast majority of us will at the very least experience some lower key nights and weekends over the coming weeks. So, when you’ve exhausted Netflix and fancy a change, here are 47 ways to take advantage of finally having extra time:

  1. Read all the books you buy and never bother reading.
  2. Set up your side hustle idea.
  3. Update your resume.
  4. Learn a language.
  5. Take a course or learn a skill with YouTube videos
  6. Become a morning person.
  7. Get into an exercise regime (assuming you’re not sick).
  8. Sort out your wardrobe.
  9. Clear out your pantry.
  10. Set a budget and cash flow plan.
  11. Roll together all your superannuation/pension accounts.
  12. Sort out your kitchen cupboards.
  13. Plan a renovation.
  14. Read recipe books and make notes.
  15. Learn about different herbs and how to cook with them.
  16. Flip your mattress.
  17. Sort through your makeup/skincare collection.
  18. Polish your shoes.
  19. Start an achievement log of everything you’re proud of from the last year.
  20. Start journaling.
  21. Wash your Converse (or similar canvas shoes!)
  22. Clean your mirrors.
  23. Clean your windows.
  24. Test out different night time routines.
  25. Try meditating.
  26. Set 12 month goals.
  27. Write out your ideal day, and get clear on what you really want out of life.
  28. Make a career presentation for your next job interview.
  29. Look at job ads online and take note of key skills, and then start learning any you don’t already have.
  30. Call your family/friends.
  31. Keep a video diary that you can look back on.
  32. Organise your iPhone photo albums.
  33. Declutter your iPhone apps.
  34. Organise your computer files.
  35. Back up to your hard drive.
  36. Finally email and get a refund for that thing you’ve been ignoring on your to-do list! 
  37. Look through old photos/videos.
  38. Take a challenge with your partner to tell each other 1 story about your childhood that you haven’t told them before. 
  39. Sort out all the food you have in your house and write out all the meals you can make with it.
  40. Set up a new meal plan for post-isolation life.
  41. Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  42. Do a crossword.
  43. Play a board game.
  44. Stretch every morning.
  45. Reorganise the layout of a room.
  46. Finally put up those picture hooks.
  47. Do a mystery taste test of food/drinks in the home.


47 ways to improve your life during self-isolation