This post is not sponsored by Glam Corner. I signed up myself and paid in full. 

In a bid to reduce my fashion footprint and attempt to undo a life-long fast fashion addiction, I recently tried renting. A lover of clothes and styling, I’m all too familiar with the initial feeling of infatuation when you get a new piece – and even more familiar with how rapidly that euphoria fades to regret after a few wears. As you probably know, I got into thrift shopping in 2019, which has dramatically changed the way I look at clothes. But I’ll admit that there are times when thrifting won’t cut the mustard.

Browsing on a rainy Saturday hunting for treasure – yes. Browsing with three days until a black tie event – not so much. The issues with thrifting are the time it takes to rattle through the racks, and of course, finding something that fits. Finding gems is easy if it doesn’t have to fit you like a glove. But, when you’re looking for something specific, you’ll find absolutely everything under the sun, but nothing close to what you’re dreaming of.

That’s where renting comes in. I have considered clothing rentals before, but if I’m honest, I got a bit miffed by the availability of sizes and styles for someone with thighs any bigger than a green bean – and don’t get me started on the butt. So many dress hire websites in Australia seemed to carry gown after gown in sizes 8-10, but anything above a 12? Hell no.

Glam Corner Premium Review 

So when I came across Glam Corner, I was stoked. Not only did they have tons of sizes, but they carried pieces that were both high end ball gown fancy style and more day-to-day pieces that I could get the wear out of.

I signed up for one of their Premium boxes, which admittedly is a monthly subscription but you can just have one box and then cancel or pause your membership. In the box you get three items of your choice from the Premium range – amazing for months when you might have a few special occasions, a job interview or a reason to look like even more of a badass than you already do. Needless to say I signed up in a flash.

USE CODE TBG30 for $30 off your box for 3 months in a row!

The ordering experience was incredible. I placed my box order around noon on a Wednesday, and by Thursday lunchtime I was strutting around my office trying on my new pieces. I was even sent a slip to wear under one of the more sheer dresses, and a free return satchel for when I’m done with the items. I couldn’t believe how fast it was.

You’re even permitted to make one swap if an item from your box doesn’t fit, for the one-off fee of $15. I actually ended up doing this, as one of the skirts I chose wasn’t long enough and I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable in it. My swap was seamless – they posted out the new dress straight away, and I had it in my hot little hands within two days.

Renting dresses: what’s the deal?

The pieces I settled on were all dresses, but more versatile than just evening dresses.

Talulah Sicily Sway Dress | Glam Corner Review

This was the most formal piece I hired, but ya gal doesn’t mind being a bit extra every now and again and wearing something boujee at a very non-boujee setting. This was actually a tiny bit big for me, but since I wasn’t hiring it with the hopes of wearing it to a specific event, I made it work.

I ordered a size 14 and it ran slightly large.

Cooper St Let Go Midi Dress | Glam Corner Review 

This was the item I chose in my swap, and I’m SO glad I chose it. This ended up being my favourite item I hired, and I loved how much of a departure it was from what I’d usually wear. My usual style is plain and minimal, so frilly and floral is alien to me. Renting the dress let me get playful with my style without giving up wardrobe space – or big money.

I ordered size 14 and it was a perfect fit.

USE CODE TBG30 for $30 off your box for 3 months in a row!

Cooper by Trelise Cooper Gathering Together Snake Dress | Glam Corner Review

I fell in love with this smock-y swing style dress. It’s food-baby friendly, and could be dressed up or down with strappy heels or sneakers. I experimented with belting it, but decided I preferred it loose. I got complimented by two strangers while wearing it, too!

I ordered size 14 and it ran slightly large.

All in all I LOVED my Glam Corner premium experience! I won’t subscribe every single month, mostly because I’m moving my budget around to account for my reignited love of reformer pilates right now, but I’m definitely going to get a couple of pieces to take on holiday, and if I’ve got some events scheduled or just a cute date night, I’ll be hopping on for a box.


USE CODE TBG30 for $30 off your box for 3 months in a row!