Hi hello welcome to the garbage diaries. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, you should), you’ might have seen earlier in the week I confessed to being a complete piece of trash lately, spending here and there mindlessly, and eating a terrible diet at the same time. Yay for adulthood, right?

I’m getting back to sharing my normal spending diaries after my America spending-by-city series, and what better way to start than with a day-by-day account of my trashy ways?

Let’s get into it.


I started the week really well by stopping at my local Woolworths and filling my body with the nutrients it needs. In other words I bought a cheesy calzone roll from the bakery section, and a bag of Malteser buttons, totalling $6. I smashed both before noon. My boss bought us bubble tea later in the afternoon, and other than that I managed to make it home without spending any more money. But then we went out for milkshakes with our friends to say goodbye before they move away, which cost $15, but it was totally worth it.

Total for the day: $21


I put a useless $5 on my Myki because I did that self-sabotage thing where I didn’t top up in bulk to save money because I didn’t want to drop that much at once. So I just paid enough to get out of negatives and decided tomorrow-me would clean up that mess.

I spent $30 on postage at Aus Post from some sales on my side hustle, Midsize Thrift, and went to Woolworths again for my nutritious smorgasbord of health, in the form of a calzone roll and a pink lady apple for $4.61.

In the evening I was drowning in work so Mr TBG picked up dumplings on the way home, but he paid so we’ll let that one slide.

Total for the day: 39.61


Routine is key when fucking up your life from the inside out, so you bet this bitch was in Woolworths before 8am waving to her friends at the bakery counter and getting the usual calzone roll and a pink lady apple for $4.50. We ordered another bubble tea in the afternoon, which cost me $10, and then I went to get my lashes refilled after work, which set me back $69, and then topped up my Myki by $30. I had dinner at my boyfriends’ parents, so that spared me the danger of ordering in more trash.

Total for the day: $113.50


Kicking off with my morning artery-filler of a calzone roll and pink lady apple for $4.60, I then smashed a ham and cheese sandwich from the very plush and wholesome outlet that is 7-Eleven. That was $2 because I had a voucher they’d been thrusting in my face outside the station for a few days. I think I made it home without spending any more money that day, but I was guzzling pinot grigio from the cupboard by 6pm – keeping up garbage appearances and all that.

Total for the day: $6.60


Yeeehah, here’s where it starts to get really saucy. I was in the office by 7.30, but not before swinging by the Woolworths bakery and burning my hand helping myself to the not-yet-cooled rack of calzone rolls that they hadn’t even put out for sale yet. I skipped the apple today because why even bother, so that was just $3 and I was on my way. I got a free coffee from a colleague (woop), and I left work at 2pm as I’d booked a couple of hours off to shoot some content with Taylor. On my way home I swung into Salvos and found a couple of goodies for Midsize Thrift, and with some Salvos points I’d accrued, I only spent $9. Post shoot, I went home and ordered pizza on Doordash with my boyfriend, which with a $15 voucher cost $32 (pretty reasonable considering I ordered enough Italian to feed two dinosaurs). I also spent $148 on my new presets from Beth Sandland, which I’m stoked with.

*you can get $15 off your first Doordash order here.

Total for the day: $192


Alright fam, buckle up. On Saturday I spent the day thrifting with my pal Rach from @girlgoneretro as she was visiting Melbourne, so I spent quite a bit but got some epic stuff at the same time. We kicked off the day at Vinnies in Malvern, where I spent $12.60 on a selection of sunglasses I couldn’t pick between. Then a $7 dress at Salvos Malvern, before a quick toastie and coffee stop at Winter café which cost $41.87. I shouted as Rach had traveled 90 mins to get to me! Then we took a tour down to the suburbs and visited some stores in Dandenong, Narre Warren and Noble Park. I spent $25.90, $25, and $12 at three different stores, and $13.05 on lunch at McDonalds because we’re very classy ladies. Oh, and chucked $30 of petrol in the car, with a $20 contribution from my passenger.

After I dropped Rach and three stuffed-full bags of goodies at the station, I went home for an evening to myself while my boyfriend was at a football game (aka utter bliss). I was back on Doordash within seconds, ordering from the exact same restaurant from the night before LOL. That was $30 because I over ordered (are you even having a trashy night at home if you don’t?), and thus concludes my Saturday of spending.

Total for the day: $177.42


I started Sunday with a 3 hour debate over whether to go to Camberwell market or not. After a $25 spend at Woolies for some essentials for the week (and a tub of Connoisseur white chocolate and raspberry ice cream – essentials, like I said) I decided to go. I got the train, which forced me to top up my Myki with $35. I got to the market fairly late (about 11.15), so things were starting to be discounted. Despite almost giving up and going home because I’d had enough of overpriced fast fashion and ‘are-they-fake-or-not’ internal debates over designer items, I did manage to score some goodies for $21 all up. I got a pair of Nine West leather ankle boots for $2, a Puma sweatshirt for $15, and two other vintage tops for $4 in a last minute discount frenzy.

A slow afternoon at home doing some work and getting organised for the week ahead meant I didn’t spend anything else.

Total for the day: $81


I have no words.