We’re back with another blogger spending diary, and this time it’s from internet sensation, Olivia Jackson of @clothesmyboyfriendhates. Documenting the prints, shapes and styles that she loves but her boyfriend passionately hates, Olivia empowers women to wear whatever they feel great in. Find her on Instagram and her blog.

Here’s a week in her wallet.

Hi! I’m Olivia, and I blog at Clothes My Boyfriend Hates. I live in London and work full time in Marketing. 

Generally my attitude to money is practicality. I save where I can (especially on things like energy bills and bigger purchases), but don’t beat myself up when I don’t have time to make my lunch or get an Uber home after a late night at the office – especially because my job is demanding. I use Monzo for all of my disposable income and my boyfriend and I also have a joint Monzo account for bills, groceries etc. which we put an equal amount in each so I can easily track it. I have standing orders set up from my current account to my Monzo, our joint Monzo, and savings each month.


Despite being convinced that I’m on day 2 of a hangover, I force myself to a 6AM spin class – killer – before getting ready for work back at home. I make myself a coffee before I leave the house to take with me (a habit I’m glad I’ve got into!) and hop on the bus to work. £1.50.

Decide to reward myself for my morning spin class and pick up my current fave breakfast from the Leon which is dangerously close to my office. £3.95.

Work is crazy busy but luckily on a Monday lunch is ordered in for us so it’s free Deliveroo for me!

Decide to walk home to save the bus fare and pick up some groceries on the way. My boyfriend usually does our food shop as he passes a Lidl on his way home from work, but he’s working elsewhere this week so I have to pop into a smaller supermarket/convenience store which is always more expensive. Get ingredients for a meal which will last me a few days. £6.15; but I have a voucher for £3.50 from my loyalty points – so £2.65 on the joint account. I swagger out of the shop like the coupon kween I am.

Total: £6.78


Up early and head to a swanky Soho breakfast jaunt to meet a contact who also works in the marketing industry. It’s slightly further away than my normal commute so I hop on the tube (£2.40). We meet to bounce ideas off each other, and share recommendations etc over breakfast and a good few coffees. £43 including tip (I pay for both of us, she’ll get the next one!). 

After a huge breakfast I wasn’t too hungry at lunchtime so grab a protein pot from M&S – £2.65 (yes, London is extortionate!) 

Late afternoon, I head to a meeting with an agency on the tube but that’ll be expensed back so I won’t count that here. 

Home & dinner is leftovers from yesterday whilst cracking on with more emails.

Total: £48.05


Up early for more exercise (urgh) and same as Monday, I make myself a coffee at home before hopping on the bus to work. £1.50.

On Wednesday’s we go out for lunch as a team so that’s paid for by work – yay!

I head to a blogger event after work which is the other side of town – I take the tube there – £2.40. I grab a few drinks with a blogger friend after the event and we split the bill – £13.50 each (not actually too bad for two cocktails each!). Hop on the tube home – £2.40.

Total: £19.80


Head to work on the bus super early and take a coffee from home with me. £1.50. Have some fruit from work for breakfast. 

For lunch I grab a vegan box from Crussh and get a snack for the afternoon too. It’s expensive but delicious and healthy. £8.15. 

After a stressful afternoon in the office I decide to walk home. More leftovers for tea.

Total: £9.65


Finally it’s Friday! Up early again to exercise before heading to the office. £1.50 bus. Grab my favourite Leon breakfast (and realise you can get a coffee for £0.05p with it when you bring your own cup! £4.00.

Rush out to M&S to grab some lunch to have at my desk. Get two protein pots and a juice. £6.00.

Have a crazy busy afternoon but then head to meet a friend for a drink at a pub. She’s helping me with some work stuff so I buy our drinks. £13.25. 

Jump on the tube to East London for more drinks for a friend’s birthday- we do rounds, I get the first one. £17.80. 

Boyfriend and I grab a late night/early morning McDonald’s on our way home – £5 each on the joint account (we got a LOT of the new spicy nuggets – they’re sooo good). Hop on the bus home. Travel for the day is capped as I’ve done lots of trips – comes to £7.

Total £53.05


A slow morning sponsored by coffee at home. A blogger friend comes over so we can take some photos. I get some bits for us to have for lunch from the local Tesco and do a nice salad – £2.90. 

After she’s left I pop to Boots (UK drug store) to get some essentials I’ve run out of. Use my points to pay so it’s free!

Eat out the cupboards for dinner at home – boyfriend’s at the cricket as usual!

Total: £2.90


Boyfriend is at a work charity day so I have another day to myself. Go for a lovely run in Regent’s Park and then have a bagel for breakfast at home. September is birthday month with my friends so I go for a walk and buy two presents. £22. 

Boyfriend gets home and has been to Lidl and done our food shop for the week. We’ve got 5 meals and lunches. £29.54 total so £14.77 for me.

Total: £36.77

Week total: £177

Olivia says:

Considering September is always super expensive for me and I’ve been doing 12 hour days at work a lot, I’m not feeling too bad about this! I am lucky that I get quite a lot free at work and my transport isn’t too expensive either. I’ve enjoyed tracking my spending even more closely than normal so I think I’ll carry that on!

TBG says:

It sounds like Olivia is on top of her spending, with her Monzo account (which I WISH would come to Australia) and overall outlook. She knows what’s important to her right now – convenience and practicality. She’s proof that it’s possible to pay up the things you value and still stay within your means. Plus, being able to bus or walk to work in London saves her a small fortune!

Keep up with Olivia on Instagram and her blog.

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