I’ve been obsessed with Everlane since my old boss introduced me to it about 3 years ago. Plain, well-made basics are pretty much my uniform, and I’d been dying to order from there since they introduced Australian shipping, but I was too unsure of sizing or whether their suits-everyone style would extend to my troublesome bottom-heavy figure.

So when we started planning our trip to the US a year ago, I made it my mission to make it to their flagship store in New York, where they offer Everlane styling appointments. I had no idea what to expect, but I booked myself in and began saving extra cash towards spending a few hundred bucks on a new set of wardrobe staples.

What happens at an Everlane styling appointment?

You can book Everlane styling appointments daily between 9am-11am (before the store opens) and they go for an hour. They ask if you’d like coffee or juice before you arrive – I obviously requested coffee – and they ask you a few details about what you want to get from the session, and any specific pieces you like the look of.

I basically wrote ‘everything you sell’ in answer the latter question – LOL.

When we arrived at the Everlane Prince Street store in New York, my stylist Temela was ready and waiting with a trolley of coffee and oat milk – bonus points – in my own private dressing room.

The Everlane stores can get pretty busy, often with a waiting system for dressing rooms, so having priority and an entire hour in there to myself was a huge perk.

Temela left me to enjoy my coffee, and then came back to chat about my answers to the questionnaire and what I wanted to try. Then, we went around the store together, section by section, while she explained items she thinks I’d like, answered any questions I had about any of the pieces, and then brought me everything I wanted to try back to my dressing room.

I tried the pieces on and she came back with similar items, different sizes, other colours and new styles periodically, to see how I was getting on. Luckily my sizing guess was bang on for clothes, but for shoes I needed a few different options, so it was handy to try different shoes with the clothes on.

Temela couldn’t do enough to help me. I felt bad constantly having her ferry back and forth for more things I wanted to try, but she was incredibly helpful.

What’s the Everlane sizing like?

In UK/Australian sizing, I’m a 12 on top and a 12-14 on the bottom, depending on the fit. In American sizing, that’s an 8 on top and an 8-10 on the bottom. While I was carrying a bit of holiday bloat, I was a firm 10 in all the bottoms, and a firm 8 on all the tops. In length, I was a regular, and I’m about 172cm tall – though I carry length in my torso, rather than my legs.

For my pear shaped, curvy frame, the Everlane straight leg pants are the only pant that I’ve been able to wear that hasn’t hugged my knee too much. I’m sure fellow curvy girls will attest to the fact that most of the time, straight leg styles just look like poor-fitting skinnies on a thigh that’s anything bigger than a dog’s tail. But the Everlane straight leg crops and straight lightweight crop are my new go-tos. SO flattering. The cheeky straight fit jeans also lived up to the hype, giving me a gorgeous silhouette along the thigh and not gripping in all the wrong places.

Are the Everlane styling appointments free?

Yes, the Everlane appointment was totally free. After my session, I chose the items I wanted, left everything I didn’t in the dressing room under Temela’s instruction, and then went straight to the till to pay, jumping the line that was building as the store had just opened. I felt very VIP.

Do you have to buy anything after your Everlane styling appointment?

This is hard to answer because for me it was quite clear from the outset that I would be buying! That said, I didn’t feel any pressure to have done so, and if the items hadn’t fit the way I wanted them to, I don’t think I’d have felt pressured to purchase. Temela genuinely cared about finding my what I wanted, and was understanding my style and my shape. She didn’t push me if I said I wasn’t keen on the style or fit or something, either. It wasn’t like she was nudging me for sales, at all.

There were a few items that I wanted to order online after needing a different colour or length to what I’d tried in store, but Temela wasn’t pushy in getting me to order in store with her. If you want extra things online, they can do it for you there and then, but I explained I was going to Brooklyn the next day – where their new store has opened – and she actually encouraged me to check out the stock in that store rather than ordering with her. So in short, no, it’s not a commission-fuelled sales fiesta.

How do I book an Everlane styling appointment?

At the time of publishing this article, only the San Francisco and New York stores offer the styling sessions, but in future other stores are planning to offer the service – so I’ve heard from the source. You can book at the Prince Street store here.

Stay tuned for my IGTV video on everything I bought and how I’m adding them to my everyday wardrobe.