It’s Sunday TBG fam, which means another spending diary. I’ve had some requests for more spending diaries from other people – like this one I did last year with blogger Beth Sandland – and I am pleased to confirm there are some in the works! Stay tuned.

Let’s get into the past week.


Once again, Monday was a $0 spend. I think I’m going to coin the term #MoneylessMondays from now on, as Monday is a fairly consistent no spend day for me. Join me in going money-free every Monday and use the #MoneylessMondays hashtag!


I stopped at Woolworths on my way to work to restock my drawer (I keep emergency lunches and snacks in there so I’m not tempted by all the nice food places nearby when I forget lunch!) I spent $17 but I had a $5 voucher from Rest Superfund for hitting my steps goal last week. Details on that here if you want to sign up – not sponsored or affiliated, obvs. I FaceTimed my Mum in the UK that evening, and she said her rice cooker had broken, so I hopped on Amazon and ordered her a new one to arrive the next day as a surprise, costing me $45.


I had dinner and drinks with an old friend, and we indulged in authentic Italian pasta, tiramisu and Aperol spritz, so my half was $60. We had a lot of catching up to do, so it was totally worth the premium!


I had to book my transport to the airport for my Brisbane trip on Saturday, so I spent $36 on a SkyBus return ticket. I also called my travel insurance company (through my credit card) to declare that I’d broken my elbow. They ran an assessment over the phone and were able to add it to my cover for a $75 admin fee which I agreed to. Had I not declared the break and gone overseas and fallen on the same arm and re-injured it, I probably wouldn’t have been covered as it would be the result of a pre-existing condition, so the $75 was absolutely worth it.  


We’ve been on a takeaway ban for the last 3 weeks in the lead up to our America trip, so we’ve been making our own weekend meals at home. One of our favourite deliciously trashy meals is a hot rotisserie chicken from the supermarket with potato gems (aka tater tots), so I went to Woolworths to grab some things for that, and a few other bits we needed. Mars ice cream bars MAY have also jumped into my basket and come home with me. I spent $24.


I was in Brisbane for the day for REVIVE festival which was so much fun! I flew business class so I was pretty well fed and watered for free, which was great. I did spent $47 on an Uber from the airport as I was a bit delayed and running late to get into makeup for my runway appearance with Hannah from Never Ever Pay Retail! It was 27 degrees and sunny on the day, so I jumped at the chance to have an iced coffee, which cost $6.50. A beer to loosen up before my strut set me back $7, too. By 4pm I was starving and scarfed down a hotdog and a lemonade for $13, before jumping into another taxi back to the airport. Irritatingly the fee was estimated to be $24 which was only $4 more expensive than the train, but it ended up being $34, which I’m still pretty pissed off about! I’d prebooked my transport from Melbourne airport with Skybus, and my Myki pass got me home from the city for free. Easy.


A quick food shop to replenish stocks for the week for me and Mr TBG, as well as some ingredients to make a salad dressing I’ve been wanting to try cost me $56.18. As I scanned all the paraphernalia for the dressing through the self-serve machine, I remembered exactly why I don’t get too adventurous with cooking. I think this dressing cost me about $20 in itself!

TOTAL: $415.68