Earlier in the year I took out an ANZ credit card with 80,000 bonus Velocity points upon opening. Because of that hunky bonus, I was able to jet off to Brisbane in business class, and sit up front with a glass of sparkling in my hand for absolutely nothing. After I wrote about my experience using Velocity points for a business class flight, I had a few people asking me how to get bonus points. I did some digging around the depths of the internet and have rounded up some of the best offers currently available for bonus frequent flyer points.

Some things to note:

  • Only take out a credit card if you’re certain it’s right for you. If you have a history of consumer debt problems or a propensity to spend beyond your means, it’s probably not worth a few free points to open up that can of worms.

  • Eligibility criteria will generally apply, including a minimum salary in some cases. In the name of relateability, the highest minimum salary threshold you’ll find in this article is $35,000. There are beefier offers available on cards for those who earn upward of $75,000, but for me (and many of you), that’s not a reality.

  • These cards are the best I’ve found in terms of bonus points only. Earn rates have not been factored in.

Factors to consider for all cards:

  • Do the benefits justify the annual fee? My annual fee was $225, but I would have spent that and more on travel insurance anyway, which came with my card.

  • Do you/will you meet the eligibility criteria? Some minimum spends for bonus points are reasonable, but some are totally ridiculous. Don’t spend extra just to get the points.

  • Consider the earn rate if you plan to continue racking up points on your spending.

  • Make sure the earn scheme is linked to the frequent flyer program you want. Sometimes banks offer bonus points to one provider, and offer earned points for their own scheme for per dollar spending.

  • And of course, consider the interest rate if you plan to leave balances unpaid each month.

Bank of Melbourne Amplify Signature

Bonus: 90,000 Qantas Points + 2 Qantas lounge pass invitations per year

Info: to get the 90K bonus points, you have to spend at least $4000 on eligible purchases (i.e. not government payments or gambling) within the first 90 days.

There’s no listed minimum income eligibility, and the annual fee is discounted to $179 in the first year (usually $279). While that seems high, you’re getting a number of complimentary insurances, plus your points, plus your lounge passes.

Virgin Money Velocity Flyer Card

Bonus: 75,000 Velocity Points + $129 Virgin Australia voucher each year

Info: you’ll score the 75,000 bonus points if you spend at least $1500 on eligible spending for 3 consecutive months from card approval. You’ll be rewarded with 25,000 points for each month you qualify.

The minimum income eligibility is $35,000, with a relatively low annual fee of $129, which is half price for your first year.

Qantas Money Premier Platinum

Bonus: 120,000 Qantas Points + 2 Qantas lounge invitations per year

Info: you’ll need to spend $1500 on eligible transactions each month for 6 months to score the full 120k bonus Qantas points, but you’ll earn them in 20,000 increments for each month you satisfy the criteria. The annual fee is discounted to $199 for the first year, before reverting to $299 thereafter.

St George Amplify Platinum Qantas

Bonus: 60,000 Qantas Points

Info: a benefit-packed card without too many hoops to jump through. You’ll earn your 60k bonus Qantas points when you spend $2000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval. The annual fee is a reasonable $99, you get some complimentary insurances and warranties and there’s no minimum income requirement.

Westpac Altitude Platinum 

Bonus: 60,000 Velocity, Qantas or Altitude points

Info: if you earn over $35,000, you can apply for this card and get 60k bonus points for your chosen provider when you spend $3000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval. You can choose your frequent flyer program, and if you choose Velocity, you’ll also get 2 Economy X upgrade vouchers each year. The annual fee sits at $200.

ANZ Travel Adventures Card

Bonus: 40,000 Velocity points + 1 free Virgin Australia flight each year + 2 complimentary lounge passes each year

Info: spend just $500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from card approval to get your 40K Velocity bonus points here. You’re also entitled to one free return Virgin Australia flight each year, and two lounge passes each year. The annual fee is $225, but the free flight, lounge passes and complimentary insurances may outweigh that for you.

A note on the complimentary flight with this card – I have this card and expected the free flight to be nigh on impossible to take advantage of. I thought there would be barely any routes available, but I was able to secure a Melbourne-Perth return over a public holiday weekend no problem at all.

Important: once again, I cannot stress enough the importance of thoroughly researching every aspect of these cards before you apply. Applying for a card means a credit check will be run, and if you’re declined, it can directly impact your credit score.