Hi hello I’m back with another spending diary. I’m actually pretty pleased with myself this week, as I managed to have a fairly low-cost week without really trying! In classic Emma fashion, just as my elbow started to heal I buggered up my back by overcompensating on my right side and pulling my pelvis out of alignment… so yet again I laid fairly low all weekend. Also, you’ll notice there’s no food shop here. We did a huge shop last week which has us covered for most of the coming week.

Here we go:


I’m finding Mondays my easiest no-spend day at the moment, as I seem to shuffle off to work, race home to call my Mum back home in the UK, eat dinner and head to bed. No dollars left my account today, yeehah.


On Tuesday I spent $78 on a birthday present, but I’m splitting it four ways so I’ll only really pay $19.50. I also spent $2 on some almond milk for the office stash, and $16 on a lunchtime op shop trip, though it was an item for my next online store collection. I met a friend for dinner but she shouted me as payment for a jacket she’d bought from me – winning.


I had an early meeting about some exciting TBG stuff going on behind the scenes, so I jumped in an Ola cab to get to work afterwards. That only set me back $10 as they have 30% off at the moment. If you’re yet to sign up, you can get $20 credit with my code AFCP9AU. After work I went to a Friends themed trivia night, but swerved the expensive pub dinner by working late and eating food from home at my desk. I KNOW, I KNOW, MONUMENTS SHOULD BE BUILT IN MY HONOUR. As a reward for such restraint, I spent $10 on a glass of Shiraz at the pub.


Another no spend day – who am I?


ANOTHER no spend day, but this one was by accident. I had another hospital appointment, but we found a 2-hour free parking space nearby, which was long enough this time so I didn’t have to pay the extortionate fee like last week. In the evening, I was supposed to be going out for curry with friends, but my back pain struck, so I stayed home in favour of laying horizontal and alternating heat and ice.


I scored a last minute appointment with my osteopath for my back. which was $90 (I don’t have insurance for extras cover) but it was totally worth it. I still can’t drive since my elbow injury, so I bought my boyfriend lunch and coffee for $18 for driving me around and waiting for me during my 50min appointment. I also spent $20 on some jumpers at Salvos, despite going in looking for summer clothes for our US trip! Oh well.


An evening at Mr TBG’s parents means another no spend day for me, rounding off a rather restrained week. This marks my second weekend of zero takeaway spending, which is a goal I’ve set myself to free up some extra cash for our holiday.

TOTAL: $169.50 (excl. money spent on store stock, and the payments I’ll get back for the gift).