One of my favourite ways to unwind is watching Youtube with a big fat mug of coffee, and I’m a sucker for morning routine video. Something about peeking into other people’s mornings and finding out how people get focused for the day is just so fascinating to me. But as much as I like to kid myself that I too will rise at 5am, journal at a blush pink desk, go to a hot yoga class, and blend up a “delicious” green smoothie from the eating disorder starter pack before sitting down with a lemon water to ‘do some emails’ (which seems to be the blogger catchphrase of 2019), when you work an office job and catch hectic capital city public transport, it doesn’t exactly go like that most days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer in making time for stuff if you really want to do it. But coming from someone who has worked entirely at home and entirely in an office job, the latter makes a bouji morning routine substantially more difficult. Nothing shits on your morning mindfulness like a sardine-packed train carriage and gale force winds on your way to the office.

So, I’ve rounded up some of my fave 9-5 morning routines from Youtube, from fellow out-the-door-by-seven-thirty-ers who actually have to pack a lunch instead of whipping up an egg white omelette in their velvet-clad home office.

I’m also going to film MY OWN morning routine real soon to shed some light on that tiny apartment plus cat reality of the morning! Stay tuned for that.


This is an ultra-realistic morning routine starting the night before, from a gal who gets up early to edit her YouTube videos before hot footing it off to her corporate job. Yas queen.

Georgie Stevenson

This is actually an old day in the life of Georgie’s but it focuses a lot on night before and morning planning. Georgie is an absolute machine and manages to boss everything AND get to her desk by 7.30am. INSPO CENTRAL.

Crystal Conte

Crystal is Australian and her ultra-realistic morning routine features a PACKED LUNCH and a super quick makeup routine.

Amanda Asad

Amanda does have the luxury of leaving at 8.45 to drive to work BUT she still gets up early to smash a gym session before she goes.


Ok ok she’s not a 9-5er anymore (I don’t think??) but I just LOVE her and all her tips for a more productive morning routine. They’re not empty and buzz-wordy, but practical and worthwhile.


This video doesn’t have voiceover BUT I do like her hustley morning routine and real life features like feeding pets.

Kasey Lynne

Kasey starts her day with coffee (approval from me) and even dares to have dishes in the sink to be washed. Hallelujah for the reality of a non-perfect kitchen!

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