Hi hello it’s me with another spending diary. As most of you will know from Instagram, I fell and broke my elbow this week! Nothing glamorous, I just tripped over at the post office. Oh life. Anyway I thought I’d share my weekly spending as usual, so you can see how broken bone may or may not have affected my spending habits.


On Monday I topped up Myki card with my monthly Travel Pass. It cost me $148 but will last me 4 weeks. Luckily I didn’t activate it, as if I had I would have wasted 4 days as little did I know I was going to smash my elbow less than 12 hours later!


Tuesday was D-Day (or E-day perhaps I should say). All I spent today it was $25 on hospital parking – ouch – and $30 on lunch for me and Mr TBG. We were starving after 3 hours in emergency!


I plonked down $218 Lululemon, as they had a 20% cashback offer on ShopBack. Helloooo $40 free money. Other than that sent on the couch incurred no further costs!


By Thursday my hair was in desperate need of a wash, but having my arm in a cast made it basically impossible. So, me and my nest-like hair hot footed it down to my local salon for a wash and blow dry, which set me back $45. Worth it.


On Friday I got an Uber filming location for work. We were shooting a video ad that we had been planning for months, so I wanted to try and at least see some of it, despite the pain! That cost me $31 there and back. I had to cancel all of my plans for the weekend, so some friends came over for dinner instead. We ordered Thai, and my share for me and Mr TBG came to $44.


By Saturday, I was desperate to get out of the house, so Mr TBG and I went to look at suitcases for our America trip. $300 later and we had two Antler suitcases in the boot of our car, though they were down from $650, so we saved big. The store we went to for the suitcases happened to be near our favourite schnitzel cafe, so we stopped for lunch there. I paid for us both, which cost $30.


I woke up craving eggs, which is rare for me, so we went to a cafe for breakfast – scrambling at home with one hand just didn’t sound too appealing! I usually hate going out for brunch because I find it really disappointing, but today I was so sure I wanted eggs, that it was worth the risk. Luckily it was really good. This cost us $43 for the two of us. We paid out of our joint savings, as it had been a bit of a crazy week and we were glad to make it out the other side!

Total: $914

(Though the Lululemon purchase and the suitcases came out of pre-planned savings so technically they don’t count!)