Hi hello I’m back with another spending diary.

This week was a bit all over the place and I’m blaming Mercury Retrograde ok?

Here we go:


I kicked off Monday by boldly deciding to buy lunch because a burger place near my work was doing my favourite limited edition truffle burger again and I wanted to get it while I could. I got fries as well because #obviously, and I wanted to reward myself for working really hard over the weekend. Right before I ordered though I got some iffy feedback on some work I’d done, so it turned more from a celebration burger to a consolation burger coming in at $23. Oh life.

On my way home I stopped to get my eyebrows threaded for a nifty $10.


Today would’ve been a no-spend-day but one of our colleagues was leaving, so I dropped $19 on fancy cakes from her favourite patisserie.


Another indulgent weekday. I plonked down $34.95 on some “essentials” from the Priceline 50% off cosmetics event (brushes, brow gel and some new highlighter as mine ran out). While an annoying midweek splurge, all of the items were planned.

What was not planned was the $5.70 bubble tea that followed.


I put $30 of petrol in the car, picked up some stock for the TBG online store (which I don’t include in my personal spending), and thrifted a $5 top for myself while I was there. I’d been looking for a high neck blouse for a while and managed to score one today. I kicked in $5 to the office almond milk fund, too. I then spent $52 on a vintage top from one of my favourite online sellers Sunday Thrift (gotta support fellow small businesses!), and $9.15 at Woolworths on some bread and soup for a cheap unplanned dinner. We were supposed to be eating at my partner’s parents, but it was cancelled last minute.


OH HI FRIDAY AND WELCOME TO MY BANK ACCOUNT. This was a day. I had an 8.30am meeting and then got a cab back to my office which was FREE because I had an Ola refer a friend bonus. I’d just about had it with the entire week by 2pm, so I used Tipple to get some beer delivered to our office. It took less than 30 minutes and I found a $10 discount code online which sweetened the deal. (Discount code shared at the end of this post!). Oh and I shit you not I had the exact same burger as Monday for lunch – yes, I’m very health conscious #notsorry. Then I met some friends for drinks, but I scouted out a happy hour bar so I only spent $27, WOO.


I took some friends on a tour of my favourite op shops, where I scored a longline (almost ankle length) wool/cashmere blend coat for $20. I had a coffee for a perk-me-up which cost an astounding $5.70, and we stopped for wine and cheese, too, which set me back $31. A later trip to Woolworths for some essentials we’d run out of saw $17 wriggle out of my account, and that was it for the day.


WE MADE IT to Sunday with money in the bank – who would’a thunk it? I splurged $8 on new toys for my cat, $20 on a bra and $4.70 on an emergency Starbucks because I was very close to a mental breakdown.

TOTAL: $386.90

This is far more than I’d usually spent on incidental luxuries, but as I said, MERCURY RETROGRADE OK! Plus I had some extra money left from last fortnight, so I splurged a little!


Throughout the week I also spent about $320 on business expenses, including stock for my online store, labels for my postage, and a garment steamer for silks and other delicate fabrics.

OLA Cabs discount code for $20 credit: AFCP9AU

Tipple code for $10 off order: emmaedw839280647