Ah, capsule wardrobes. What was once a token of true minimalism has quickly evolved into a buzzy Pinterest-plagued search term loved by bloggers and monochromatic fashion enthusiasts. Despite being one of the many things to be sucked up and spat out by the world of Instagram, there is still value in adopting a more capsule approach to your own personal style. A capsule wardrobe no longer has to mean living with just 20 items of clothing. This is 2019. You can write your own rules! Here’s 5 ways a capsule wardrobe will save you money:

1. You’ll Stick to a Colour Palette

As an ex-clothesaholic, picking a colour palette and sticking to it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only for my wardrobe, but for my wallet. Now when I enter a shop, 80% of the clothes don’t fit into my colour palette, which means 80% less temptation, and 80% less possibility of spending my money on more ‘stuff’.

2. You Realise How Much You’ve Got

When you start following capsule wardrobe guidelines, like understanding whether you like straight cut lines or floatier, more detailed pieces, you’ll soon realise how little you can actually convince yourself you need. During my years as a shopping addict, I’d forever be finding new things and justifying buying them by saying “oh but I just have nothing like this.” Now that I stick to a neutral style with loose fitting, straight, plain styles, I can immediately exclude anything with bows, frills, embroidery, or any other detailing that doesn’t fit with my capsule. I find myself looking around thinking “I’ve already got one exactly like this” – because by cutting back on your wardrobe’s capacity for new styles, you cut back on the obsession with adding to it.

3. You’ll Work Out What Goes With What

A pro capsuler can make a million new outfits with only a few items – and you gradually get better at this over time. When I travel, I pack a micro-capsule wardrobe, with only a few things that all work together. With just 10-15 items, I can get weeks worth of all-season outfits. Learning these styling hacks makes you far more efficient when it comes to purchasing clothes, because you understand how to choose pieces that go with the most things in your wardrobe. More wear = lower cost per wear = more bang for buck.

4. You’ll Buy Better Quality, Less Often

Buying less means buying better, and the deeper you get into your capsule wardrobe, the better quality you’ll buy. When you start seeing your wardrobe as a long term reflection of your true personal style, rather than a cheap hub of palm tree printed novelty fast fashion, you’ll understand that you deserve well made, better quality pieces.

5. You’ll Think About Your Purchases For Longer

With buying better quality, investment pieces comes a more mindful approach to acquiring clothes. You’ll think about your purchases for much longer, and truly assess whether your money is worth that item. It’s much easier to consider an item’s value when it’s $100, than when its $9.95.