Spending your nights glued to Love Island? You might as well get savings savvy in the process. Forget drinking games – The Broke Generation’s savings games are here to help you stash the cash from the comfort of your couch, all while watching your favourite trash tv.

Here we go:

What you’ll need:

  • A very bleak social schedule that means you’re free nightly and ok to destroy all your morals to spend an hour watching fit people conforming to society

  • Your TV with Love Island blaring loud

  • Brain cells ready to be bulldozed by manufactured ITV2 Drama

  • Your online banking device (phone, laptop, tablet)

  • A savings account

The Love Island Savings Game works like this. Every time you hear one of the following phrases or see one of the following actions taking place, transfer the nominated amount to your chosen savings account. Whether you transfer as you go, or tally up your score and do one big transfer at the end of the episode, we’ll be half way to a house deposit by the end of the season.

Oh, and combining this with a drinking game is highly recommended.


“Keeping my options open” – transfer 20p

Someone mentions “a connection” – transfer 40p

Anyone says “girl code” – transfer 30p

Someone mentions their head getting turned – transfer 50p

Someone says they want to “get to know [insert name]” – transfer 30p

Someone mentions wanting to “get to know everyone in the villa” – transfer 25p

Someone “keeps their options open” – transfer 25p

Lucie tries to make “Bev” or some other non-word happen – transfer 50p

Someone says they’re all about personality despite being on a show that’s entirely focused on looks – transfer 30p

Someone mentions where their “head’s at” – transfer 30p

Someone says “my type on paper” – transfer 10p

Voiceover Iain says “consult a professional…ballroom dancer” – transfer 15p

Someone gets pulled “for a chat” – transfer 15p

Someone says “factor 50” – transfer 50p

Molly-Mae says “categorically” or “open and honest” transfer 45p

Someone says one hundred percent/one thousand percent/any other number of percent – transfer 10p

Anyone mentions being “chilled” or “chill” – transfer 20p (double it if it’s Lucie)

A couple goes exclusive or mentions being exclusive – transfer 50p

The group engage in slow motion manufactured dancing and partying to indicate that they’re having a really fun time – transfer 45p

Someone says “it is what it is” – transfer 15p

Someone says they find someone “attractive” – transfer 35p

Someone says “pied” – transfer 40p