HAIII. Welcome back to my corner of the internet. Fuck I hate it when people say that.

Anyway, I’ve decided to make my weekly spending diaries a more regular thing. Partly because I’m nosey AF when it comes to these things, and I know you guys are too – and partly to keep me accountable and force me back into money tracking!

What happened this week:

This week was a pretty normal week. I had drinks with friends locked in for Friday night, and an Op Shop Tour ticket booked for Saturday. Two social engagements like this is usually the norm for me. I’m quite low key and thrive off of just pottering around doing bits and bobs at home or around my local area. One day event, one evening event and the rest of the time free is my DREAM weekend!


On Monday I worked from home, but had some wifi issues, so popped out and grabbed a $4.30 coffee at McDonald’s to use their incredible free Wi-Fry! While I was there I got $20 worth of petrol – only $20 because it was $1.66 per litre! Later on in the day I went to an op shop to get stock my online store. I don’t consider that part of my weekly spending, but I did grab a top for myself, too, which was $5. An evening FaceTime with my Mum followed by a tennis lesson meant no more money slithered its way out my account today. Woop!

TOTAL: $29.40


Today was pretty low key. We’ve just moved offices at work, so me and my colleague popped out to check out the local coffee scene. We’ve moved from the arse end of nowhere to a pretty trendy neighbourhood, so testing out the coffee was mandatory, if you ask me. I shouted this time, and we both had extra shots because #tuesday, so that cost me $10.80.

TOTAL: $10.80


I had to whack $35 on my Myki (public transport) card, but that was about it for the day…or so I thought. A wrong turn on my way home from a cat sitting visit in the evening found me right outside one of my favourite op shops. I popped in and picked up a couple more pieces of stock, but nothing else for me.

TOTAL: $35


I did well again today. I popped out at lunchtime to stock up on snacks for my desk drawer. Our new office is surrounded by amazing food options, which means forgetting to bring lunch (accidentally or otherwise!) is dangerous for the wallet. I spent $26 on muesli bars, cereal, soups and instant noodles, just in case I’m ever hungry!

TOTAL: $26.10


Don’t worry guys, here’s where I become human. I had to put another $30 of petrol in the car as we’ve really been getting through it this week. I’ve been doing daily visits to a cat while their owner is on holiday, and it’s about a 10 minute drive each way. The profit more than covers the cost of the petrol, but it’s still an expense, so I still included it. THEN, my colleague and I decided to order lunch from somewhere nearby. We’d got paid the day before, and decided we’d done well to have been in the office 2 weeks and not have bought any food yet. $19.59 later, I scoffed my way through the most delicious vegetarian burger I’ve ever had.

After work I met up with a couple of friends who I hadn’t seen for AGES, but we found an awesome happy hour with $7 G&Ts. I spent $50 here on drinks and some bar snacks. I got the train home but had to go via one of my pet sitting bookings, so I got an Uber home from there as it was dark and I wanted to stay safe. That set me back $8.

TOTAL: $107.59


I was out of coffee at home and reeeeally wanted to swing by and grab a café one, but I resisted. Instead I zoomed into Woolworths and spent $8 on Oatly oat milk and some Nespresso capsules. Then set off on the RIP to RRP Op Shop Tour. Train line closures meant I stuffed up my journey, spent 75 minutes titting around with a replacement bus and still had to get a $9 Uber to make it on time, but still. I made it. I had some great luck at the 6 op shops we visited, and spent $140 on some wardrobe staples, AND a Status Anxiety bag which I scored for $5. On the way home I put another $30 on my transport card to get ahead for next week.

TOTAL: $187


We went for flu shots and did a big food shop while we were there, stocking up on things like my favourite Tilly’s ice cream, fancy cordial, dry shampoo and pantry staples, which came to $94 all up. That’ll cover all our lunches and bulk cook meals until I go overseas, though, so I’m pretty happy. Then I grabbed some hair ties and razor blades in Chemist Warehouse for $8.49. I really need to get onto those metal razor blades, but I’m a yeti right now and I just needed a quick fix. Sorry environment, I’ll make it up to you.

TOTAL: $102.49

Weekly total: $498.38

Okay, so it was a pretty pricey week. But without the $140 op shop haul, food shop stock up and and social events on Friday, it was a pretty normal week. I also had to spend over $120 on public transport/petrol this week because of side hustle commitments, so there’s that!

Stay tuned for next week!