Want to kick start a new money mindset, learn to appreciate the little things and save a ton cash?

You’re in the right place.

So much of our day-to-day spending stems from how the world has changed over time. If you ask your grandparents how often they went out to brunch with friends, they’d probably choke on their Gaviscon with laughter. Not only was brunch and dining out not really a ‘thing’ back in their day, they simply just didn’t spend like that.

I guess it must come from living through the war and growing up around a much less consumer-driven market, but older generations just weren’t programmed to spend at every opportunity like we are.

So, in true TBG style, I created a challenge to help us all be more mindful, rewire our consumerist brains and of course, save us a ton of money.

Give the Grandpa challenge a try for one week and see how well you fare. In addition to recording how much cashola you save, challenge yourself to try more #Grandpa tasks with the points below. Start with zero points, and for each activity you complete, add on the relevant number.


Deduct 5 points for each rule break!

No shopping

No bouji ingredients (unless it relates to an allergy or a specific dietary requirement)

No soft drinks

Don’t let any foods go bad

No takeaway

No last-minute supermarket trips or late night ice cream runs

No convenience foods

No clothes shops

No coffee shops

No breakfast out

How to earn points

Entertain at home + 5 points

Go to a friend’s house for a homemade dinner + 5 points

Fix something that’s broken + 10 points

Grow some produce/herbs + 8 points

Make a shopping list and stick to it + 5 points

Air dry your clothes – no tumble drying + 4 points

Take your lunch to work every day + 1 point per day

Write a handwritten letter to someone you love + 5 points

Phone someone to make plans rather than texting + 8 points per call

Cook a meal from scratch + 10 points

Read a book + 5 points

Give or receive a hand-me-down + 5 points

Tag me in your Instagram stories @the.brokegeneration and show me how you’re #LivingLikeGrandpa.