Wassssupppp April. April is one of the best months in Australia because it’s that cosy side of almost-winter where it’s not quite shit yet but it’s also not 49 degrees either. Oh, and Bachelor in Paradise is on and the Masterchef adverts start rolling in. Yes, I am as outgoing as you thought I was.

April is also a good month in Australia because we get THREE, YES THREE, public holidays all in the same week. But what that means is three extra days of wanting to do cool fun stuff that costs money.

Luckily for you ya gal is here with a neat little guide on how to make some extra smackeroonies this month to foot the bill for long weekend Aperols and that ‘it feels like Saturday but it’s Sunday’ mandatory takeaway that you get the night before a Monday off.

Lessss dooo ittttt

1. Sign up to SmartSpotter

Mystery shopping app Smart Spotter offers a fairly neat little cash reward for going into local shops and secretly assessing their displays. You have to follow a brief and send various photos of different signage and advertising, in exchange for a few bucks. Keep your eyes peels for spots available as you go about your daily business. You can scoop up some extra money in minutes.

2. Selling hard rubbish treasure

Long weekends mean people are clearing out and getting rid of old stuff, which means roadside rubbish collection areas can be goldmines. If you’ve got an eye for quality, hop in your car and drive around affluent neighbourhoods. The stuff people leave out on their nature strip is astounding, but often it’s at the hands of convenience. If you’re moving house or moving overseas, sometimes letting your stuff go for free is the only way to shift it. Reselling hard rubbish is a great way to make extra money because it doesn’t cost you anything to acquire the items. I actually once heard of a couple who funded an overseas holiday just by selling hard rubbish finds!

3. Sign up to Pure Profile and go nuts on surveys

Ok, hear me out. I know this sounds like the last thing you want to do, but Pure Profile pays you actual cashola to do surveys, and some of them aren’t that boring. The first month I did Pure Profile I think I earned about $60, because I wasn’t yet bored and I found it quite exciting that I could do surveys in all the random pointless downtime I have in my life. You know, the 10 mins you’re ready for work before it’s time to leave, or that awkward period between 6pm and 7pm where you and your partner just ask each other when you should start dinner over and over again. Go forth and make $7 while you eat your brekkie – it’s not a heap of money, but it’s more than you’d have earned otherwise!

4. Offer pet sitting or babysitting services in your local area

If you’re an animal lover or experienced in childcare, long weekends and school holiday months can be a great time to make some extra cash helping people out while they’re taking holidays. Scour Facebook for local community groups in your area and offer up your availability. Often, people might not have thought about going away for the long weekend for fear of what would happen to their pets, or not taken a date night away from the kids for fear of not finding a babysitter. If you’re able to be their solution, you could rake in some extra money.

5. List some stuff on Facebook Marketplace, Buy Swap Sell groups, or eBay

Here’s a secret: marketplace sales go bonkers around long weekends. I don’t know why, maybe the extra day off has got people juiced up to buy your old bookcase or record collection, but for some reason, I always sell more stuff over a long weekend. Get ready ahead of the Easter long weekend and declutter some stuff you’ve been hoarding.

How will you make extra money this April?