Spending your nights glued to Married At First Sight Australia? You might as well get rich in the process. Forget drinking games – The Broke Generation’s savings games are here to help you stash the cash from the comfort of your couch, all while watching your favourite trash tv.

Here we go:

What you’ll need:

  • A very bleak social schedule that means you’re free at 7.30pm Sun-Weds during summer

  • Your TV with Married At First Sight blaring loud and clear

  • Brain cells ready to be bulldozed by manufactured Channel 9 drama

  • Your online banking device (phone, laptop, tablet)

  • A savings account

The MAFS Savings Game works like this. Every time you hear one of the following phrases or see one of the following actions taking place, transfer the nominated amount to your chosen savings account. Basically, we’re going to be millionaires by the end of the season!


Anyone says ‘I came here to find love’ – transfer $0.30

Heidi says she’s fine when she clearly is the furthest thing from fine – transfer $0.40

Jessika pouts into red wine – transfer $0.10

Jules and Cam piss everyone off with their sickeningly obvious pure love – transfer $0.20

Martha stirs up shit and somehow gets away with it with clever editing from the production team – transfer $0.80

Jessika refers to Dan being “her future” – transfer $0.60

Anyone says ‘the experiment’ – transfer $0.50

Anyone refers to ‘life after the experiment’ – transfer $0.50

Martha subtly makes it clear that she’s never ever moving back to Melbourne – transfer $0.45

Anytime you’re unsure whether it’s Martha on the screen or Kylie Jenner – transfer $0.20

Anyone mentions having a ‘connection’ – transfer $0.40

Mike gives someone bad advice while drinking bottled beer smugly – transfer $0.90

Ning mentions having sex with Mark in a way that immediately puts everyone within a 40 mile radius off the idea of sex for the next 12-24 hours – transfer $0.40

Someone says “I don’t wanna get involved” immediately before getting involved – transfer $0.50

Anytime Michael’s man bun game is a solid 10/10 – transfer $0.60

Someone mentions wasting their time – transfer $0.70

Jules or Cam cry over someone else’s drama because they’ve got none of their own – transfer $0.55

Martha paints her nails/mentions her nails/gazes at her nails – transfer $0.60

Anyone says ‘physical attraction’ – transfer $0.30

Someone uses the term ‘the experts’ in a sentence in the least natural way possible – transfer $0.65

Anyone refers to ‘being intimate’ – transfer $1

Anyone mentions ‘being here for the right reasons’ – $0.25

Anyone mentions being ‘honest’ – transfer $0.10

Anyone yells ‘let me finish’/’let me speak’ or similar – transfer $0.20

The experts state the fucking obvious and back it up with some strange non-science spiel – transfer $0.35

Stay tuned for more savings games including The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Love Island and all the trash your heart (and bank account) could desire. If you’ve got a show you want a savings game created for, DM me on Instagram!