If you follow me on Instagram you’ll likely know that I’ve had my Mum staying with me while she’s visiting from the UK. The reality of living on the opposite side of the world to your Mum is one that involves cramming all your usual catch ups, dinners, coffees and shopping trips into a few weeks of the year, so it’s not hard to guess why I haven’t been following my usual budget.

Here’s a little glimpse into a week in my wallet while I’ve been somewhat off-budget. I’ve still been working full time, so it’s not like we’re eating out for every meal like a normal holiday, but we’ve definitely been indulging. This week we managed to eat at home for several meals, which has saved both of us big money. We split most costs by just taking it in turns to pay for things, but my Mum has been a superstar when it comes to picking up bits and bobs at the supermarket while I’m at work.


I work from home on Mondays, so we popped for an iced coffee before I started work. I grabbed the bill at $15.70. During the day, my Mum picked up some bits in the supermarket, so I gave her a $20 note I had in my wallet towards it. A meal at my boyfriend’s parents house that night meant nothing else was spent.


Believe it or not, I managed a no spend day!


We needed some cheese from the supermarket, so naturally we ended up throwing in some other “essentials”. Hot cross buns being a major highlight. I paid – the bill was $18.70, including a $2.50 Big M milkshake carton for Mr TBG’s very extravagant Valentine’s gift for the next day.


We hit the shopping centre after I got in from work, where I spent $24 on two curry bowls from Rice Workshop for dinner. I also had to top up my train travel card for the week which was $40. Mum joined the Uniqlo t-shirt squad, and I bought her a navy blue one for her birthday for $9.90. I also bought a skirt there for $30, but returned it because of a code cellulite situation.


My eyebrows were getting out of control, so we flew up bright and early to make it to the brow bar for opening. We both got threading done, and I paid for us both. Ciao $20. Mum cooked a 10/10 curry at home for dinner, so it was a cheap and cheerful Friday.


We went to Soul Star Festival in Melbourne, where Mum tried her first and probably last turmeric latte. She bought a sleep remedy and I made an impulse purchase of some rescue remedy for my cat. I’m yet to decide to what extent it was a waste of $25, but I will report back. On the way home we grabbed some picnic supplies from the supermarket for $16, but soon decided we were too tired and ate it at home on the balcony instead. That night, my boyfriend took us all out for Indian – and paid, so needless to say he’s set up camp my good books.


We had a chilled out day and passed through the city stopping at a few stores – including Daiso. RIP my self-control. I managed to spend $18.20 on some “essentials”, including ice cube trays, cat toys and a laundry bag. We also tried one of those Hokkaido baked cheese tarts for $3.90, but I wasn’t a fan. To close out the week, I did a bit of self-investment and purchased my ticket to the Fearless Female Traders International Women’s Day event for $79.