Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – which means so too are the angry haters who revel in their annual boycott, the put-your-tongue-back-in lovers and those who refuse to engage with it whatsoever.

Valentine’s Day has positioned itself as the blue cheese of global holidays. You either love it or hate it. I won’t lie and say I’m a huge fan myself, largely as a result of years of receiving the friendship rose in the school send-out scheme. Big up my school for teaching damaging life lessons to teenagers and completely proving that living up to society’s standards of generic beauty gives you an advantage in just about every area of life.

Rant over.

But that’s not to say I won’t partake in the novelty heart-shaped Krispy Kreme or any other pink and red drenched promotional item.

If you do want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of ways to do it without breaking the bank. Research by the Commonwealth Bank has shown that in Australia, millennials and Gen Ys spent on average $87 each on V-Day cheer. But if you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget, these handy ideas will woo every low-cost lover:

Cook a Recipe Together

Instead of going out for a flashy dinner with a surcharge and an irritating set menu, cook something together at home that you’d usually consider too complicated or time-consuming. Make the process as much fun as the eventual eating (though let’s face it the eating will always be the best bit). Crack open a bottle of wine and create your own gourmet meal for two.

Write Goals For Your Future (With Wine, Obviously)

Okay I’m gonna preface this with the note that this will probably only work for couples who have been together for quite a long time. Don’t try this with your new fella from Bumble. Mark the special day by writing down some ‘one day’ scenarios for your future. Seal them in an envelope and write a date that you can open them. They could be things like ‘one day we’ll own a four bedroom house by the beach’ or ‘one day we’ll drink margaritas in New York’. It’s a fun way to think about your future together and get excited about what’s to come. These goal setting prompts for couples might help get your started,

At Home Movie Night

Skip the price-hiked cinemas and the sound of smooching from the back row and have your own movie night at home. I don’t mean the kind when you both half-heartedly watch a movie while scrolling Instagram or checking your email. I mean put your devices away, turn down the lights and get those snacks happening. You can download some of the newest releases now through Foxtel, Fetch and other providers, or opt for something free from a streaming service.

Dinner on the Beach

In Australia we’re lucky that V-Day falls in summer, so make the most of the warm, light evenings and grab some cheap-ass takeaway and make for your local beach or park. Buying fish and chips or a pizza is usually even cheaper than trying to make some kinda fancy picnic – trust me, you’ll end up spending a small fortune on cheeses and bizarrely flavoured hummus.