I’m just gonna start this off by saying I really fucking hate the term ‘hustle’ and any variation of it. Side hustle, deep hustle, the hustle is real, keep hustlin’, t-shirts with HUSTLER emblazoned across the chest. NOT A FAN – but it does seem to be the easiest term to describe the concept of having a little earner on the side of your main income, that’s not quite a job, but not quite a hobby either.

I’ve compiled a list of the best side hustle ideas that aren’t Airtasker – because isn’t the internet already over-stuffed with articles that suggest Airtasker as a way of making money?!

First of all, here’s what The Broke Generation believes makes a great side hustle: the key to a side hustle with longevity, is repetition. If you’re having to put a whole lot of work in to make a few extra coins, chances are you’re not getting a great return on your time. Generating side income from services you can offer that are likely to have you booked on a regular roster are THE BEST, because not only is it extra income, it’s extra income that you can almost rely on.

If you want to make some extra income in 2020, these easy side hustle ideas could inspire you to get earning and keep the money coming in month after month.

1. Helping out elderly neighbours

Alright I know I sound like a teen magazine suggesting that you ask your Mum if you can earn some extra pocket money by washing the dishes, but hear me out.

If you live in a street with elderly people, they might need help getting groceries delivered, mowing the lawn, doing their washing – if you could score a few hours work each week helping out those who find it difficult to do daily tasks, you could pocket a few extra notes and help someone in need.

I’m not saying bang on your the doors of your elderly neighbours and ask for cash for doing odd jobs. Be very careful with vulnerable people. Try speaking to their family members if you see them around, and explain that you’re offering a service to local older people helping out with odd jobs and would they be interested. Make a simple flyer on Canva or PicMonkey and show you’re for real.

2. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

It sounds like the oldest trick in the side hustle book, but seriously, pet sitters and dog walkers are in hot demand – and again, it lends itself to repetition. Families with pets often go on holiday multiple times a year, and single business travellers might find themselves away multiple nights a month.

Apps like Pawshake (worldwide), Petcloud (Australia), Borrow My Doggy (UK) and plenty of others allow you to sign up for free as a pet sitter, and have fur families contact you for bookings. The benefit of using these apps is that you’re covered by Public Liability Insurance – which protects your animals and the host’s home for unforeseen events.

3. Deliveries

App-based delivery services are on the rise. GoFetch allows you to sign up as a ‘fetcher’ and claim jobs making deliveries in Melbourne and Brisbane (and soon Sydney!). It could be anything from delivering coffees to a caffeine-deprived team in an office building, to transporting documents across town in time for the morning meeting.

If apps like Fetch aren’t available in your area, hang around on Airtasker (yep, I went there) and you may be able to score casual delivery jobs there, too.

4. Washing and Ironing

Again, it sounds old school, but nowadays more and more apartments are being built without laundry facilities. Even people who do have laundry facilities often don’t have the time or space to do regular laundry – especially in winter, when you don’t have a garden to hang items out. I live in a one bedroom apartment with a very small balcony and no dryer – in winter, it takes days on end to dry woolens on the clothes horse!

If you’ve got access to nifty washing, drying and ironing facilities, you could offer your services and make a quick buck from your own home – and, it satisfies our ‘repeat business’ test. Just be sure to keep on top of which undies belong to whom!

5. Cleaning

This kind of falls into the same category as others, but cleaning is somewhat in a league of its own when it comes to side hustles. Again, it’s a great side gig because it generates repeat business and referrals, so you might only have to work to get 3 or 4 clients, before having regular work each week without any effort or time spent prospecting business.

Invest in some decent gear and start getting your name out there. Contact offices as well as homes, as regular contracts can often be up for grabs in small business offices, coworking spaces and retail stores.

You could also try finding a way to differentiate yourself. Do you use all organic products when you clean? Perhaps you zip about in a hot pink Fiat 500 with a fluffy steering wheel. If you can find a way to make yourself stand out, you might score more work!

A note on the legalities of side hustles

I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Side hustles that are activities you actively seek out with the intention of making a profit technically class as businesses. This means registering as a business with your country’s tax office, and unfortunately, paying tax. That said, paying tax on your side hustle income does allow you to make business-related deductions to reduce the amount of tax you pay. It varies by country, so check the rules where you live, and obtain qualified, professional advice on your taxation obligations before acting.

Advice in this article is of a general nature only.