Despite what my CV says, I’m not very neat and organised. By 3pm, by desk is usually littered with a banana skin, a coffee cup, my lunch bowl, and half the contents of my handbag – at the very least. I’m just messy by nature, and while I’ve accepted I’ll probably never be Marie Condo, I’m trying to declutter my life just a little.

These 5 things have changed my life recently, so if you fancy cutting some drama out of your world, give some of them a go:


Am I the only one that’s guilty of knowing my period is coming, but spending the week prior walking on the tampon-less danger line, nabbing emergency supplies from my colleagues? Please tell me I’m not alone! Let me tell you now, there is no greater feeling of ‘adulting’ than buying tampons when you’re not yet on your period. You will honestly feel like you’re nailing life. So what I do now, is NEVER let my stock of tampons and pads deplete. Every time I’ve got some time to kill, or I’m passing Coles or Priceline, I stock up on a few packs. It ends up saving me money, too, because all too often I’m caught having to grab some from 7-Eleven or somewhere pricier.

I also learned that you can SUBSCRIBE to monthly tampon deliveries with Moxie.  You can fill a box full of tampons, pads and even chocolate, candles and soothing comforts to make your monthly visit from mother nature a little bit more comfortable. BINGO – and also a handy gift idea!

I’m transferring my bulk-buying mentality to other things, too. I drink almond milk and rice milk from the non-perishable cartons, so I can buy 3 or 4 at a time and keep them in the cupboard. It saves dashing out when I’m running low and despo for a coffee, or having to grab a capp on-the-go because I’ve run out of milk at home. The same goes for Panadol, shampoo, toilet rolls, dish liquid – you name it, I’m buying multiple at a time.


I’m really keeping on top of my friends’ and colleagues birthdays at the moment. I like to start thinking about the gift a good 4-8 weeks in advance, to give me time to listen out for something they’ll really love.

While I love getting really well thought-out gifts, often you just need something small for a colleague, client or friend-of-friend, so I’m on the lookout for cute gifts and cards as and when I spot them. Most cards are pretty ugly and overpriced, so when I see cards I like, I grab them! My aim is to have a stock in my cupboard of gifts and cards that I can quickly grab when I get a last minute tip-off that it’s someone’s birthday, or when I need to send an unexpected thank you card.


I’m forever getting that embarrassing email that says “we were unable to deduct your subscription fee”. Once my heart has resumed beating from the sheer panic that I’ll get a bank fee, I end up having to pay in cash or transfer funds from my savings to clear the transaction – and it’s so much unnecessary stress. So, I’ve peppered my Google Cal with my Direct Debit due dates, each a day in advance, so I never miss a payment. It also helps me work out my weekly budget, as I know what’s coming up.


I started doing this a few months ago, and OH MY LORD it is incredible. I write out my day hour by hour, scheduling in regular 15 minute breaks and reminders to get up and move. I’m often under-ambitious, too, so that I get a sense of satisfaction when I get through the list. It keeps me going and also helps me work out how much work I can actually fit in.


This is really something for a separate post, but I’ll touch on it now. I used to be really into fashion and trends – I wanted to go to the London College of Fashion and work for a big fashion house, but I quickly realised that wasn’t for me. My love of trends, however, did mean that I was constantly buying new pieces that had no longevity or quality to them. Now I’m getting old (!) I’m focused on buying more expensive, neutral pieces that go with everything, and that are often trans-seasonal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve promised this so many times, but I’ve actually stuck to it for about 5 months. I’ve culled down my wardrobe to less than half of what it was, and I’m doing follow-up regular culls to test those ‘one-last-chance’ items I keep clinging on to. I’m also trying to do a 1-in-1-out policy every time I buy something.

Happy organising!


5 Ways to Be More Organised