Recently I asked the Instagram community to point me in the direction of any brands that sell beautiful, functional budget planners or journals. Well. Lots of people said Kikki K (which I’d already tried to little avail) and one guy suggested an app (nope) and then asked why I wanted a manual planner when I’m just sahhh social media. Other than that, it was slim pickings – except for one excellent suggestion from @agirlamongboys, which has earned spot numero uno on this list. So I went out and did my own research, and here’s what I found. So many of you asked me to share any good responses, so here they are, exclusively for you wonderful subscribers.

1. Busyb Budget Planner

This was the suggestion from @agirlamongboys and oh my god was it a good one. The company is based in the UK, but ships internationally. Shop here.

2. Paperchase Agenzio Budget Planner

It seems that the UK has the goods when it comes to budget planners, as this Paperchase bae is sleek and classic. Shipping prices seem a bit cray though. Shop here.

3. Kikki K Bills Organiser

This is more of a folder with inserts than an actual planner, but it does come with stickers so it’s basically a time machine back to year 4 – we’ll allow it. Shop here.

4. Kmart Budget Book

Budget takes on two meanings here, as not only will this lil’ hun help you track your spends, it comes in at a tasty $3, so keeps you on budget in more ways than one. Shop here.

5. Jade Correia Budget Workbook

You can snag these on Amazon or Booktopia, so be prepared to wait a while for postage, but it looks like it’ll be worth the wait. Shop here.

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