The Broke Generation is all about having more meaningful money conversations and making budgeting COOL! So today we’re featuring another spending diary, this time from Queenslander, Tasha. A Barefoot Investor devotee, Tasha started her journey to financial freedom in June 2017. The book changed her life completely, and she smashed $11,500 of debt in 12 months – yep, impressive. She documents her budget-savvy life on Instagram at @tashagetsfrugal and her blog. 

Here’s what she spent this week, how it sat within her budget and her thoughts after 7 days of money tracking:

For reference this spending diary is in Australian Dollars. 1 AUD = approx. £0.55GBP | 1 AUD = approx. $0.72USD

My name is Nataasha and I’m 28 and single, from QLD, Australia. I’m now living debt free after reading The Barefoot Investor and smashing out my debt! Recently I was made redundant and received a payout. I have since got another full time job and am using the payout to save for a house after building my 3 month emergency fund. My annual pre-tax salary is approx $82,000 per year including super.


Day one, numero uno – here we go. Tasha spends a neat $21.90 on contents insurance – savvy lady – and then $13.35 on McDonalds. It is Monday, after all. No judgement here, girl. Monday did its thing and earned a place in ‘meh’ territory, which always calls for Uber Eats with a mate to celebrate getting a new job. Hurrah – and au revoir to $72.60. Looks like Tasha and her mate really, really like Thai – can we be besties?


Tuesday – the ugly cousin of Monday. New job means new clothes #obviously, so Tasha gets herself to Portmans (aka workwear GOALS) and splurges $248 on new garms. While she’s there she trips and falls into Cotton On Body and waves a tidy farewell to $27. All that shopping earns a Macca’s run at $7.75, and a Coles food shop at $43.97.


A Wednesday unspent brings a week of content – nada today! Woohoo!


Well-insured Tasha’s weekly health insurance premiums skipped out of her account today at $10.15, and then a broken filling chewed up $196 at the dentist. We’re unsure what hurts more, the filling or the bill! A cheeky Google Play app store purchase at $2.40 and a much-needed visit to the place where dreams are made of (McDonalds) accounted for $14.85.


Rent day (sigh) – ciao $300. This is Tasha’s weekly rent for her solo dwelling. Today is tattoo day for ink lover Tasha, so it’s bye bye baby to $420, plus $8 on lollies for the ol’ blood sugar levels mid-ink. $7.30 at McDonalds on the way home and $64.10 at GP Studio on droolworthy stationary and that’s Tasha’s Friday done and dusted.


Saturyay is here – and what better way to ring in the weekend than with some more insurance LOL. AAMI gobbled up $79.10 for Tasha’s monthly comprehensive car insurance cover, and ALDI followed suit with $22.81 on groceries. $13.15 worth of postage to Australia Post to deliver her Instagram competition goodies, and $55.07 in petrol later, it’s time for some more stationary. New job and all that. $22 wings its way to Padtastic.


A relaxed day saw no spending other than $25.80 on breakfast out with her Mum. FINITO!


Eating out – $149.65

Splurges (tattoos, stationary, clothes) – $783.50

Groceries – $66.15

Insurances – $111.15

Rent – $300

Petrol – $55.07

Other (dentist, postage) – $209.15

Total = 1674.67

What Tasha Thought…

Looking back on my spending, I see that I spend too much on food – especially takeaway! This is because I hate cooking and I find it hard eating for 1 person, I’m picky and fussy with eating the same thing more than a few times. The tattoo appointment is definitely a once a year type thing, and so is the shopping. I rarely ever spend over $250 in one day! I feel like since the redundancy, I’ve been going out more often while I’m not working so that I’m not stuck at home, this then means spending more money. Going back to work will be great for my spending habits!

TBG says…

At $82k a year, Tasha brings home a tidy salary, so good on her for enjoying takeaways here and there. Being made redundant is an emotional rollercoaster, and she’s done a great thing in putting her payout towards a home, and scoring another job so soon! Being able to cash flow treats like her tattoo and new work clothes is big progress, too!

Thank you so much to @tashagetsfrugal for being a part of our spending series. Check her out on Instagram for all the budget motivation, and follow along with her blog here.