The success of podcasts baffles me. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to a detailed murder case and getting caught doing my detective thinking face on the morning commute as much as the next millennial – but I’m unsure at what point they got cool, and not just a bizarre neglected feature on my hot pink iPod mini.

Anyway, the world has gone bonkers for podcasts. Today, The Broke Generation has rounded up our favourite podcasts about money and budgeting – you know, for when you can’t quite deal with another episode of murder trials and miscarriages of justice.

My Millennial Money

Lead by Financial Advisor Glen alongside pals Erin and John, My Millennial Money offers big-girl-panties money talk to millennials wanting to up their game. From lighthearted topics like how much to spend on an engagement ring, to heavier stuff like turning your side hustle into a business, these guys are an all-round good bunch, providing plenty of banter to break up the money talk.

The Pineapple Project

Hosted by Claire Hooper and presented by ABC Radio, The Pineapple Project is the place to find easy-to-understand guides to some otherwise boring topics. Offset accounts, teaching kids about money, and investing, these bitesized episodes are ideal for a quick dose of financial smarts on a short journey.

The Property Couch

Less aimed at millennials but interesting all the same, The Property Couch is hosted by Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley. If you’re in one of those families where real estate debate is on the menu at every summer barbecue, listening to these guys will give you some ammunition for when Uncle Davo comes at you with his thoughts on negative gearing.

Uncensored Money

A newbie from Mel Browne (author of UnF*ck Your Finances), Uncensored Money interviews influential Australian women about their relationship with money. Aiming to bust the shame associated with money and get women talking about their financial goals, Mel’s in depth conversations take an important look at the state of the gender pay gap and what the financial future looks like for women.

The Broke Generation PODCAST

YUHUH. Coming in early 2019, The Broke Generation Podcast is…well, we don’t entirely know yet because its still in the planning stages. But it will be a banter-filled look at millennials and our money – hosted by ME, an actual millennial. Follow us on Instagram for updates on the release.