As millennials, we’re all about that ‘best life’ we’re supposed to be living. From posting pics of ourselves all dressed up when in reality we’re eating a $10 tub of Halo Top in our pyjamas to cutting our kiwi fruits into stars and scattering them over a bowl of overpriced semi-thick smoothie mix that may or may not have bust the motor in our Nutribullet, we know how to LIVE.

But the media takes pleasure in poking fun at us everytime we book a Europe trip or hang out at a trendy café fully clad in the latest clothes sipping a dairy-free coffee. We should be saving for deposits, they say. We should be saving for retirement, they say.

And it’s true, really. We should. But it’s so damn hard for us because we were born with a rose-gold spoon from Target’s home collection in our mouths.

So today, The Broke Generation is doing what we do best – sharing our favourite ways to continue living your best life while stashing some extra cash.

1. Use ShopBack for All Your Online Splurges

Now before you spit out your BonSoy in sheer disgust at my suggesting a cashback site as a viable option for money making, hear me out. ShopBack is Asia Pacific’s leading cashback platform, and over 6 million savvy shoppers worldwide are using it to claim back cash money. Basically, it’s a non-crap platform that literally gives you a percentage of your purchases back.

For context, I recently bought a Ralph Lauren shirt for my boyfriend’s birthday for $150 from The Iconic. I got 7% cashback, meaning there’s $10.50 winging its way to my account, all for purchasing something I would’ve bought anyway! I booked a trip to Brisbane with, and at 6% cashback I’m looking at a tasty reward of $33.

How, you ask!? I know, it sounds nuts. But it’s essentially a retailer-paid commission program, and ShopBack splits their commish with you because they’re the real MVP. Now don’t freak out – there’s no gross codes, no claiming and no third party websites to shop through. All you have to do is make sure you visit the ShopBack site or mobile app first, and click through to your chosen retailer from there. The clever little bots of the wonderland that is the internet will trace your steps and link your cashback to your ShopBack account.

Even better, there are over 750 brands participating in the ShopBack program, and I’ll bet your bottom dollar that tomorrowwww, there’ll be suuuuuun – sorrry, surprise Annie monologue. I’ll bet your bottom dollar that plenty of the retailers you use regularly are on there. Ever buy a sneaky work lunch on Deliveroo? Up your highlighter game at Sephora? Bulk buy avocados at Woolworths? Book a much-needed Bali break on Do a cheeky ASOS haul after a tough day being millennial. 

Yup, there’s actual cash money in it for you if you shop at any of these places via ShopBack. AND it’s real money you can withdraw to your bank account or PayPal. Think of all the online shopping you’ve done this year, or plan to do this Christmas. Imagine getting up to 30% cashback on all that!

Talk about treatin’ yo’self. Getting paid to buy gifts for others – now that we can get on board with. You can make sure you never miss an opportunity to get cashback by installing the Google Chrome extension, or you can simply set a mental reminder to always click through via the ShopBack website.  

And if you’re wondering when exactly you can get your greedy little hands on your cashback, ShopBack tracks it into your account within 2 days and it’ll then take up to 75 days to become redeemable. This is because ShopBack can only split their commission with you once you get paid too! So when your payout rolls around, you’ll get a little surprise treat fund..

You get $5 straight into your account just for signing up, and you can start earning right away by clicking here. Say hello to getting paid to shop.


2. Rent, Don’t Buy 

Having been certain I’d never wear a floor length ball gown until my wedding day, I’ve somehow found myself clutching not one but TWO black tie invitations this year. Practically able to hear the free bar calling my name, I hopped online and began looking at dresses, only to find that as per bloody usual, all the ones that appealed to me would cost me more than a fortnight’s mortgage repayments.

So I looked into renting dresses, and realised I can live my best designer-dress-clad Insta-worthy life for less than $100! I found GlamCorner, One Night Stand and Style Theory had the best ranges (and in sizes that weren’t only made to fit an HB pencil).  While I was at it, I found that Style Secret rent out designer bags, too. Gucci Soho Disco, anyone?!


3. Collect Air Miles, Points and Rewards

Now, I’m pretty new to the foray of points systems, and I’m yet to get an air miles credit card because I’m not yet a permanent resident so banks aren’t super keen on giving me a credit card for fear I’ll rack up an avocado-related debt and then flee the country.

Some rewards programs I do love, though, are:


In my opinion infinitely better than Woolworths Rewards – but do make your own mind up on that – Flybuys actually gives me the idea that I’m getting somewhere. I’m finally remembering to swipe my card in the likes of Coles, Target and the land of homeware fodder Kmart, and have almost $30 in my account – all for purchases I would have made anyway. The key to using Flybuys to live yo’ best life is how you cash them out. Remember, #NiftyNotThrifty. If you cash out that $30 and simply use it against your next mundane food shop replete with tinned kidney beans and jasmine rice, that’s pretty naff. But redeem it for a crate of Budweisers and continue your tradition of #BeersOnTheBalcony with your boyfriend – that, my friends, is living your best life. 

Spoiler: #BeersOnTheBalcony is a new tradition in my household. No it’s not healthy but there’s something about leaving our phones inside and sipping a cold one as the sun sets on early spring in Melbourne. Totally worth it.

Likewise, redeeming them for Velocity Frequent Flier miles (2000 Flybuys = 875 Velocity Miles) and putting it towards a boujie upgrade or access to the plush lounge on your next trip – that’s living your best life. Reaching 10,000 Velocity Frequent Flier points can get you a business upgrade between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, or an economy seat for the full trip.


I was skeptical about LIVEN at first, but when Mad Mex were offering a free burrito for signing up, I was downloading it faster than you can say extra guacamole.

And it was surprisingly simple! I linked my bank account, ordered my burrito, and then at the counter I said I was paying with LIVEN. A code pops up on the screen, I showed the cashier, and the burrito was given to me for $0.00. Aside from the free food as a welcome bonus, LIVEN rewards you for buying food through the app by giving you 10-20% back in LVN Cash. That lives in your Liven account, ready for you to redeem against another order. 

If you don’t fancy any of the free intro offers, you can use referral code UQWM9M to get $10 credited straight away, to spend on any of LIVEN’s retailers.

Disclaimer: this article was created in partnership with ShopBack, but legit love of cashback is all our own.