3 Things Worth Splurging On

Ummm what? She tells us to save money and make smart finance moves and then writes an article about stuff so spend money on? Is this girl cray?

No, no, I’m not cray. At The Broke Generation, it’s all about being nifty, not thrifty. Part of that mantra is spending bigger on things that are worth it, and scrimping on things that aren’t.

These 3 things are 100% worth your hard earned cashola, and could actually save you money in the long run.

Lululemon Activewear

If you’ve not been in Lululemon, you should probably brace yourself. Not only will you be greeted with a kinda half-arsed-can’t-be-bothered-to-be-here chorus of ‘hey how ya going’ from some blonde beauty clad head to toe in Lulu merch, you’ll take one look at the price tag of a pair of plain black leggings and probably faint.

Yeah okay they’re expensive. $140 for a pair of leggings is A JOKE to most of us. And it’s for this reason that we scuttle the hell out of there and make for our mates at Cotton On Body or better still, Kmart. Here we fill a basket of pair after pair of leggings and walk out with a bag stuffed full for less than one pair of Lulus.

What many people surprisingly don’t know, though, is that Lululemon products come with a lifetime guarantee. That basically means they’ll replace your item for free, forever. So, while you might scoff at paying 3 figures for a pair of gym pants, you’ll know that if they rip, fade, stretch out or just get a bit shitty from all those squats you’re smashing, they’ll replace them for a brand new pair, for nada.

Definitely worth it.

Apple Airpods

For no money-saving reason other than these are absolutely f*cking life changing. When they were first released, I scoffed at those wanky looking blokes in suits with them wedged in their ears like they’d stepped out of the CIA.

But then more and more people started getting them, and I got curious about what all the hype was about. I don’t think the features of these were marketed all that well, because I had no idea that they were anything more than just headphones with no wire.

Here comes some knowledge.

They come with a little white case that charges them. You charge the case and that holds several charges. Going for a quick jog and got no power? The headphones can last for 3 hours after sitting in the case for just 15 minutes. Can’t use the no headphones excuse to skip workouts anymore (dammit).

If you’re walking down the street listening to the latest ep of your fave poddy and you bump into a mate, just take one airpod out of one ear and your phone will automatically pause. When you’re done making small talk with Claire from accounts, pop the airpod back in your ear and boom – it resumes automatically.

And finally – they have Siri built in. Which means no more fumbling about with your phone trying to skip your Spotify playlist when your hands are too numb in winter. Nah nah nah – just double tap the top of the airpod and tell Siri to skip. Simple.

Now – I did do a small bark when I realised these weren’t like 60 bucks. I honestly thought they would be lolololol.

They’re actually $199 (recently discounted from $225!) But seriously, do what you can. Sell a kidney, donate some sperm. You need these. And you can Afterpay them at Officeworks.

If you’re wondering why I’m condoning the use of Afterpay, read this.

Branded Dishwashing Liquid

Aaaaand we’re back down on earth and chatting about dishwashing liquid. Can I get a whoop whoop from all the twenty-somethings in the house who haven’t got the double dishwasher they thought they’d have at this age…!

I feel you.

But seriously. Branded dishwashing liquid. I know what it’s like walking round the supermarket and thinking FUCK $4.80 for that pissy little thing of Morning Fresh. Pfffft. I’ll get this Coles own brand one and put my $3 savings towards a hideously overpriced tub of Halo Top.

Please just don’t bother.

I don’t know what it is that they do, but the branded ones just work better. They’re more bubbly and foamy and squeaky and well, they just clean better.

If, of course, you’ve cheated the system and found a cheapy dishwashing liquid that works just as well, please hook a gal up!


3 things worth splurging on