Be better with money

“Be Better With Money”

Has 2020 pooped on your goals? Do you feel you’ve missed your chance to make 2020 one of your best years ever?

There’s a common misconception that to be financially confident, you have to have more money than ever before.

Not true. I want to help you learn to manage your money like a boss, no matter how much you earn.

No matter whether you’ve sailed through the pandemic unscathed, or whether you feel more stuck than ever, there’s nothing like 3 months of lockdown to step back, and review your spending habits.

If you’ve seen your plans cancelled, your salary shrivel up and and your confidence knocked – fear not.

The “Be Better With Money” eBook is here to help you get back to basics with your money, mindset and management, and unlock a new future of financial clarity and confidence.

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The ultimate guide to turning the poo party of 2020 into your best money year yet.

The topics we’ll cover

  • Identify your spending personality

  • Look at your spending habits

  • Establish your financial situation

  • Set a budget that accounts for saving, spending, and emergencies

  • Get creative with ways to make your money go further

  • Make money management fun and easy

  • Look into ways to make more money

  • Learn how to invest as a beginner

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This ultimate guide is for you if…

You don’t know where your money goes every month.

You try to save but never seem to get anywhere.

Unexpected costs keep popping up and you never feel prepared for them.

Sound like you?

42 pages of tips on budgeting, saving, side hustling and achieving your goals.

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