About The Broke Generation

Emma Edwards founded The Broke Generation in 2018 as a destination to help millennials feel good about money.

Since then, she has built a loyal following of over fifty thousand on social media, engaged thousands of weekly listeners through The Broke Generation Podcast, and hits inboxes weekly with The Glue Newsletter. Emma is a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® and runs workshops and programs helping people understand and improve their relationship with money and their financial behaviour.

About Emma Edwards

Emma is a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® and an expert on the psychological and behavioural side of money. She connects with her audience on a deeper level than just number crunching and investment returns, instead looking at our relationship with money and how it can be used to better our financial lives. Candidly sharing her own experiences along with knowledge and expertise developed during her graduate studies in Financial Psychology, she engages people with everything that’s going on behind their finances, with the firm belief getting on top of your money starts with getting to know yourself.

The Broke Generation covers topics including:

  • Understanding how your childhood experiences of money can impact your beliefs and behaviours as an adult
  • Disconnecting from the noise of consumerism and commercialisation in order to make more positive spending decisions
  • How beliefs about yourself and your worth impact your financial behaviour
  • Ways in which we’ve been socialised to rely on consumption for happiness and fulfilment
  • Unpacking your purchase decisions and the way these link back to other things going on with ourselves and our lives
  • How inner work on yourself can help you discover your financial values, and therefore live a more aligned and fulfilled financial life
  • How core life skills like a working knowledge of tax, budgeting and cash flow management can make for overall financial wellbeing
  • Elimination of the shame narrative surrounding debt and overspending

Getting on top of your money starts with getting to know yourself

Through social media content, podcasts, workshops, guides and workbooks, The Broke Generation exists to help young people develop a new financial perspective and understand themselves better in order to achieve positive financial outcomes.

Emma also has a background in copywriting and content marketing. In 2013, she completed her Honours degree in Marketing in the UK, with a research dissertation exploring consumer perceptions of brand collaborations and brand extensions. She then went on to become a commercial copywriter both agency side and brand side, before taking The Broke Generation full time in 2022.

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