The Broke Generation is a destination for hot mess Millennials navigating all the stuff nobody ever taught us. Money, career, mental health, life skills (seriously, how do you drill into a wall again?). Luckily, The Broke Generation is here to walk through it with you.

the broke generation

Emma Edwards

Perpetual hot mess

The Broke Generation is headed up by me, Emma. Perpetual but recovering hot mess.

Until I was 26, I lived a life rich with nothing but financial regret. When I wasn’t transferring money from my savings to pay for my almond milk cappuccino, I was leaking money in every area of my life, constantly wondering why I never had enough.

Career wise, I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, but kept convincing myself that the next thing would be THE thing. It wasn’t. I burned right out and ended up in a heap.

And between the existential crises, a decent stint of disordered eating, and the baseline level of mental health ups and downs of our generation, my twenties were one hell of a ride.

Now, at 30, I’ve got out of debt, gone to therapy, made friends with carbs and cake (and exercise), quit my job and decided to stop trying to fit into a timeline that didn’t suit me – and I just cannot believe we’re all out here trying to navigate life when nobody taught us how.

I’m still a hot mess, but I’m gradually cooling down – and I’m taking you on the journey with me. We’re all a little bit messy, but together we’ll learn all the things nobody ever taught us and get through it.

Feel good about being you

If you’re expecting tips on being ultra frugal by reusing your toilet paper, and climbing the corporate ladder until you’re dead, you’re in the wrong place. My approach isn’t traditional – our generation writes our own rules.

At The Broke Generation, it’s all about living mindfully – saving money on the things you hate, to free up cash for the things you love; sacrificing for a short time to live abundantly for a long time, and learning how to make every aspect of life work for YOU. If you want to optimise your lifestyle so that you can manage your money, keep on top of your mental health, avoid burnout, change your own flat tyre AND guzzle Aperol with your mates the second the sun shines, my darling you’re in the right place.

Oh, and a little of the legal stuff.

Advice, tips and any opinions you find here at The Broke Generation are of a general nature only and are not intended to be taken from an advisory perspective. Always consult a qualified financial planner for advice on your own specific circumstances.

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