The Broke Generation is a resource for Millennials and Gen Ys who want to learn how to get financially fit. We probably should have learned all this at school, but apparently the curriculum was too stuffed full of essential modules like uselessly complicated algebra and that must-know Greek mythology unit.

Luckily, The Broke Generation is here to get you up to speed.

the broke generation

Emma Edwards

Recovering Spendaholic

The Broke Generation is headed up by me, Emma.

I’m a natural born spender. Up until I was 26, I lived a life rich with nothing but financial regret. When I wasn’t transferring money from my savings to pay for my almond milk cappuccino, I was leaking money in every area of my life, constantly wondering why I never had enough.

Then, something clicked.

The importance of being smart with my money finally became more obvious to me than my need for another ‘nice top to go with jeans’. I decided to change my money story for good, learn how to save, and make money management fun.

I’ve paid off my credit card, bought an apartment with my boyfriend, and finally understand how to save a realistic amount from each paycheck. I now understand where my money goes, and why I want it to go there. I want to help you build a life you love within your means, and teach you how to optimise your finances to ensure you’re stashing cash for the future.

Financial optimisation, not frugality

If you’re expecting tips on being ultra frugal and reusing your toilet paper, you’re in the wrong place. My approach isn’t frugality – in fact, quite the opposite. I see spending as a critical and joyful part of life. At The Broke Generation, it’s all about spending mindfully – saving on the things you hate, to free up cash for the things you love; sacrificing for a short time to live abundantly for a long time. If you want to optimise your lifestyle so that you can still guzzle Aperol with your mates the second the sun shines, my darling you’re in the right place.

Through a series of guides, exercises and challenges, we’ll unfuck our finances together, and gradually build up the savings we’ve been pissing up the wall for most of our twenties. If you need help sorting out your attitude to money, you’re in the right place.

Oh, and a little of the legal stuff.

Advice, tips and any opinions you find here at The Broke Generation are of a general nature only and are not intended to be taken from an advisory perspective. Always consult a qualified financial planner for advice on your own specific circumstances.

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