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good with money by emma edwards

Good With Money Book

A game-changing, practical guide to the psychology behind your spending habits, revealing how to manage your money without missing out on the things you love.

the pulse money journal

Pulse Money Journal

Keep your finger on the pulse of your spending behaviours and the feelings, emotions and environments that impact where your money goes. Currently only available in Australia and New Zealand.

Meet Emma

Emma Edwards founded The Broke Generation in 2018 as a destination to help millennials feel good about money. Since then, she has built a loyal following of over fifty thousand on social media, engaged thousands of weekly listeners through The Broke Generation Podcast, and hits inboxes weekly with The Glue Newsletter. Emma also runs workshops and programs to help people change their financial behaviour by improving their relationship with money.

Emma is a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® and an expert on the psychological and behavioural side of money. She connects with audiences on a deeper level than just number crunching and investment returns, instead looking at the reasons why we do the things we do with money. Candidly sharing her own experiences along with knowledge and expertise developed during her graduate studies in Financial Psychology, she engages people with everything that’s going on behind their finances, with the firm belief getting on top of your money starts with getting to know yourself.

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Unpack financial beliefs and behaviours

I’m dipping my toe into my finances and want to learn more about my relationship with money.

Deeper work on your money mindset

I want to start doing some practical work on my relationship with money.

Start a side hustle

I want to start or grow a business or side hustle so that I can grow my income.

Need a speaker or team workshop

I’m a business looking for a financial wellbeing workshop for my team or a speaker for an event.

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I’m looking for a finance copywriter who has the data to support the words.

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The Podcasts

the broke generation podcast

The Broke Generation Podcast

Launched in July 2021, The Broke Generation podcast had almost 200,000 downloads in its first year and continues to grow in popularity. As Australia’s own finance podcast dedicated solely to the behavioural aspect of money, the show discusses the millennial money experience in a way that focuses on long term change from within.

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Broke Business

Broke Business is the money podcast for business owners, brought to you by The Broke Generation. It was born out of my own experience dealing with the unique financial realities of self-employment. Being in business completely transforms your relationship with money, and presents new opportunities and challenges along the way.

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